Other Vacancies

Criminal Investigator - West Yorkshire Financial Exploitation and Abuse Team (WYFEAT) - Casual Vacancy

Alongside investigating criminality, the role includes working with other key agencies including the Police and social workers to ensure that appropriate safeguarding measures are in place, whilst also liaising with victims of financial abuse to prevent further exploitation. For more information visit https://www.wyjs.org.uk/work-for-us/casual-criminal-investigator-wyfeat/ 

West Yorkshire Appropriate Adults Scheme

The Appropriate Adult Service LTD are looking for Appropriate Adults to support vulnerable people for any interviews under PACE, Voluntary statements and victim and witness interviews. 

For more information read the poster here. (PDF 268KB)

Website: www.theappropriateadultservice.org.uk
Email: [email protected]
Telephone number: 01327 831907

Channel Intervention Provider

Channel is a safeguarding process which provides support across the country to those who may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism. The overall aim of the programme is early intervention to divert people away from the risk(s) they may face. The process includes a wide range of agencies and local partners working together to provide support for individuals. Where appropriate, a Channel Panel made of representatives from these agencies will ask an Intervention Provider to provide support for the vulnerable individual as part of this process.

Intervention Providers can be individuals or part of a wider organisation which can help a vulnerable individual. The support they provide is always tailored to the specific needs of the individual following assessment by the panel. Channel provides numerous forms of support for the individual such as life skills, anger management sessions, cognitive / behavioural therapy, education skills and theological / ideological mentoring.

Numerous intervention providers offer a range of experience, languages and specialisms. Areas where there are current opportunities for thie kind of supoprt in the North East are for people with experience and knowledge of the Extreme Right Wing, Shia Islam and the Afghan Community. If you feel you have the experience and knowledge of the areas mentioned and would like to apply to be an intervention provider or would like to know more please contact:

[email protected] or [email protected]

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