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Home Office funding for Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programmes 2020

The Home Office is seeking to award grant funding to Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) in England and Wales, to support the introduction of perpetrator-focused domestic abuse programmes. PCC’s bids should cover a six-month period of delivery between October 2020 and March 2021 and a commitment to providing match-funding to deliver an additional six months of the activity beyond the end of the financial year from April 2021 to September 2021.

There are two funds which PCC’s can apply for – Drive and other Perpetrator Programmes. We are interested to hear from providers via an expression of interest about the potential opportunities to work in partnership with the PCC and others to seek additional funding for Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programmes in West Yorkshire. UPDATED DEADLINE: The Home Office has now extended the deadline for PCC’s submissions and in response to this we have extended our EOI deadline to 5pm Friday 11th September 2020. 

Please read all the information carefully before submitting an EOI.


Drive Fund 2020

This fund is to support the adoption of Drive and has the following key outcomes;

  • Expansion of approaches that have demonstrated effectiveness, like the Drive Project.
  • Continue to develop the evidence base by funding programmes or interventions that require further evaluation of their impact.
  • Strengthen the evidence base for 'what works' in addressing perpetrators' behaviour to support effective commissioning of services going forward.


Perpetrator Programmes Fund 2020

This fund is to support the introduction of other perpetrator focused DA programmes and has the following key outcomes;

  • Increase the number of perpetrator-focussed programmes in local areas and strengthen the evaluation of these interventions.
  • PCCs will be able to bid to roll out or expand programmes that tackle the problem of domestic abuse directly with perpetrators.
  • Particularly looking at:
    - Programmes that address known issues in relation to DA offending,
    - Programmes that adopt a whole-system approach which enable perpetrators to fully participate in behaviour change through stabilising their related issues, notably substance misuse and mental health; and those that work with perpetrators during times of known trigger events, for example a partner's pregnancy.
    - Interventions for adolescent perpetrators.