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The Probation Dynamic Commissioning Framework (DCF)

The Ministry of Justice is reforming probation and will make changes to the probation system following careful consideration of the results of the consultation, ‘Strengthening probation, building confidence’, held in summer 2018.

In June 2020 the Ministry of Justice and HM Prison and Probation Service announced plans to take control of unpaid work and behavioural change programmes and launched the Dynamic Framework competition for charities and private sector organisations to compete for more than £100 million a year to run services such as education, employment, accommodation and addiction treatment.

Strengthening probation, building confidence – https://www.gov.uk/guidance/strengthening-probation-building-confidence

The Dynamic Framework will enable the delivery interventions that meet rehabilitative needs not met by Accredited Programmes, treatment requirements, or Structured Interventions delivered by Probation Delivery Partners. Under the Dynamic Framework, potential providers will qualify for the Framework by need area, specifying in what geographies they can deliver. HMPPS will then run a series of call-off competitions, amongst those providers that have qualified, to procure priority services required from day-one (summer 2021) of the new model for probation. Some services procured via the Framework for day one will be accessible during the final stage of a prison sentence and following release. NPS regions will then be able to procure interventions, post-day-one, to fill gaps or extend service delivery. The Dynamic Framework will be available for use by other commissioners including, for example, prison governors and Police and Crime Commissioners. Interventions and services available on the Dynamic Framework will often give tailored support to help individuals overcome barriers and sustain engagement with services rather than directly provide them.

A Draft Target Operating Model for the Future of Probation Services in England and Wales March 2020

Updates to the Draft Target Operating Model for Probation Services in England and Wales June 2020 due to Covid-19

The Probation Dynamic Framework applications will take place on the Ministry of Justice eSourcing Portal. The portal is a web-based platform where suppliers and/or applicants can register and complete a response to eSourcing events such as Pre-Qualification Questionnaires, Invitations to Tender and in this case the Probation Dynamic Framework application process.