Ongoing response to police budget survey (9 Jan 2019)

Over 1400 online responses to the 2019/20 West Yorkshire Policing budget survey have now been received.

The numbers are still climbing with more expected, after further postal surveys reached households across the region.

With exactly 1 week to go until consultation closes around the police part of the local Council Tax, called the 'precept', more people are being encouraged to have their say.

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This follows the Government annual funding settlement announcement for policing in December, which has given PCCs more flexibility to raise their precept by up to £24 on a Band D for 2019/20.

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Mark Burns-Williamson has filmed a short video to urge more people to complete the survey and says:

"It is encouraging to see that the number of responses to the survey is continuing to rise and that people locally recognise the importance of taking part.

"The feedback I receive will help me to gauge how people feel about the anticipated increase in the policing precept and to understand how they would like to see the money raised and invested.

"The Government's announcement about funding for policing in December, has now given Police and Crime Commissioners the ability to lift their precept by up to £24 on a band D property for 2019/20.

"This is therefore my only route to generate the type of investment required to sustain the levels of front-line policing we have established and to build on it further, because Government funding for policing has remained largely flat with more of the burden being passed on to local taxpayers.

"In West Yorkshire it would mean Police council tax increasing by £24 a year or just under 50p a week for a band 'D' council taxpayer, although in reality most people would pay less on average, with the majority being in bands A to C.

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"The pressures imposed upon us to generate this money via local taxpayers means it is more important than ever before that we continue to engage with our communities.

"Only by communicating in this way, can we consider the best ways to invest and tackle issues such as Violent Crime, Child Sexual Exploitation, Safeguarding vulnerable people, Human Trafficking and Cyber-Crime that inevitably come with high levels of demand and resources.

"Please take the time to fill in this short survey and help me to shape our response to crime and community safety in West Yorkshire with the right level of finances needed to support it."

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