PCC for West Yorkshire statement on the latest ONS crime statistics (18 Oct 2018)

Responding to the latest crime statistics released today (18/10) by The Office for National Statistics, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Mark Burns-Williamson said:

"Whilst it is uncomfortable to see any increased risk of being a victim of crime in West Yorkshire, the trend does generally match the experience nationally which tells a story around the pressures and continued underfunding of policing.

"However, the overall rate of increase has slowed in West Yorkshire, which may be a sign that some of the local ongoing interventions, campaigns and operations are having an impact.

"I regularly meet with the Chief Constable to explore the further measures which can be considered and put in place to both prevent and address the issues emerging from crime patterns and trends, which are continually monitored by my office.

"We know that Violent Crime and the Use of Weapons remain key priorities locally and again mirror what is being witnessed up and down the country.

"I personally chair the National Task and Finish Group for Police and Crime Commissioners, developing work around the local strategies aligned to the National Serious Violence Strategy.

"This includes co-ordinating bids to the £22 million Early Intervention Fund of which a number of West Yorkshire bids have been submitted and are awaiting a response from the Home Office.

"Likewise, I have used my Safer Communities Fund to help tackle violent crime, which sees money confiscated from criminals (Proceeds of Crime) to support local groups and organisations on that theme in the most recent grant round.

"What has to be recognised, however, is that the continued lack of adequate Government funding is compounding the problems and making it ever more difficult to meet demand and effectively reduce crime for policing and our partners.

"Resources are having to be carefully managed to focus on areas of greatest risk or harm to the public.

"I will continue to fight for a fairer deal from Government when it comes to funding for West Yorkshire and will be speaking to the Policing Minister, MPs and others on this very subject in the coming weeks."

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