PCC response to HMICFRS ‘Policing and Mental Health’ report (27 Nov 2018)

Following the release of the HMICFRS report - Policing and mental health: Picking up the pieces, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Mark Burns-Williamson said:

"It is clear to see from this report, the mounting pressures placed upon policing, which are ultimately emerging from an absence of other more appropriate services.

"This is a familiar story which I have highlighted before and one which resonates strongly here in West Yorkshire and is why I am calling on Government to recognise the perfect storm they are creating through sustained underfunding in recent years.

"In spite of these added pressures and demands, I have witnessed the proactive and positive work from officers, staff and partners across the county in supporting vulnerable people.

"For some time, West Yorkshire Police have been running a triage scheme to inform their response, where they are accompanied by mental health nurses.

"As Police and Crime Commissioner I have also invested monies as well as a lot of time and effort into partnership working, which this report acknowledges as best practice.

"For instance, I host a Criminal Justice and Mental Health Forum where the personal experiences of service users have been helping to shape our progress.

"We will now be sharing the findings and recommendations from the HMICFRS with the various agencies at our next meeting of the forum in early December.

"It is important that we are now able to extract the messages that are articulated in this report and translate them in a way that supports and builds on the mental health needs of victims here in West Yorkshire."

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