PCC Response to Latest ONS Crime Statistics for West Yorkshire (24 Jan 2019)

In response to the latest Office of National Statistics crime figures, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Mark Burns-Williamson said:

"I hold regular meetings with the Chief Constable and West Yorkshire Police ensuring that the Force remains alive to current and emerging crime trends.

"This involves closely monitoring and scrutinising the figures, as well as identifying the potential root causes for any increases we may see.

"Whilst improved crime recording practices frequently contribute to rises in certain crime types, I am under no illusion as to where some the issues lie.

"For instance, the very real increase around violent crime and possession of weapons on a national level, is one which we have also experienced locally. It is a subject which I continue to address head on, having recently provided over £200,000 to local groups through my Safer Communities Fund and helped coordinate a successful bid of over £1.2m from the Early Intervention Youth Fund for a number of projects across West Yorkshire in tackling violent crime.

"There is also a host of work ongoing locally to help tackle both the current issues and to prevent further ones arising. This ranges from targeted enforcement, education and investment in various interventions, to weapons surrenders. The need for a concerted partnership response, however, is crucial and this is reflected in my refreshed Police and Crime Plan as a key priority.

"Likewise, the statistics we are now seeing across the county in relation to robbery are understandably generating some cause for concern and I have recently raised this with senior leaders within the Force to ensure all possible measures are in place to effectively counter it and is something I am actively looking at how it can be addressed as part of next year's budget.

"Whilst the chance of being a victim of crime remains low in West Yorkshire, we are not complacent and will do all I can to keep our communities safe and feeling safe."

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