Safer Communities Fund helps youth project in Leeds (3 May 2018)

Lingfield Living Local, a not for profit organisation based in Leeds, received £4998 from the Safer Communities Fund for their youth group project.

The project is a joint initiative between Safer Leeds, Lingfield Living Local and delivered by the LCC Youth Service , and aims to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and safeguard vulnerable people by running a new community hub, open to young people aged from 9 to 17 years old, in Alwoodley, Leeds. The hub hosts regular youth groups in a safe and neutral space also helping to promote community cohesion.

Lingfield Living Local are building relationships across the community by giving young people opportunities for skill building, volunteering and social activities working closely with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team to reduce antisocial behaviour.

The Safer Communities Fund was launched by West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson in 2014. The fund is financed through money recovered from criminals by police and prosecutors under the Proceeds of Crime Act and gives grants to help voluntary, community groups, charities and partners keep their communities safe.

Mark visited Lingfield Living Local yesterday (02/05) to see how the grant is being used, and said: "This is another fantastic community project using a relatively small amount of money to make a big difference in their area which I saw at first hand.

"The Safer Communities Fund has contributed towards a Youth Worker and a Sessional Worker for this project which are vital to ensure early intervention and positive diversionary activities are coordinated for young people to reduce their risk of becoming involved in crime or antisocial behaviour.

"Community cohesion and safeguarding vulnerable people are so important and projects such as this one that are supported by, and work so closely with, local people are really key. My thanks to all the staff and volunteers that are making this initiative possible."

Kate Prothero, Project Coordinator at Lingfield Living Local, said: "We were thrilled when we were awarded funds to run a youth club in this area. The young people have loved coming along and have shown so much passion and community spirit. They have benefited so much from having a space they can use and embrace as their own, it has been lovely to see them grow in confidence and begin to build lasting skills for their future."

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The next round of the Safer Communities Fund opens on May 14 with £200,000 for projects that specifically tackle all forms of serious violent crime, including those focusing on prevention and early intervention, supporting diversion away from crime, protection and education and support for victims of serious violence.

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