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Reducing Re-offending the Target of a Safer Communities Fund Grant

5 August 2019

West Yorkshire Community Chaplaincy Project (WYCCP) have received a £5000 grant from the Safer Communities Fund (SCF) to help reduce reoffending.

Mark Burns-Williamson, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for West Yorkshire, who runs the SCF, awarded the money as part of grant round 14 which had a serious violence theme.

Over a third of the men that WYCCP work with have committed serious and violent crimes.

Located at HMP Leeds, WYCCP is a resettlement organisation, working 'through the gate' with offenders pre and post release.

Resettlement workers from WYCCP visit prisoners for assessment and to build rapport prior to their release.

Meeting men at the gate, staff and volunteers offer support in the community.

Support needs are identified by the ex-prisoners as significant in maintaining a crime-free life; to access accommodation and appropriate benefits and give support with managing debts, budgeting as well as health issues.

Many men have substance misuse problems which WYCCP also support them to manage as well as helping them to access training/volunteering and developing employment skills.

Mark visited the project this week and said: "Reducing reoffending is central to achieving the outcomes in my Police and Crime Plan and specifically the overall vision of keeping West Yorkshire safe and feeling safe.

"I was happy to be able to help fund the some of the vital work that the West Yorkshire Community Chaplaincy Project are doing as well as meet some of their staff, volunteers and service users. I heard about the real difference the service is making to them and the wider communities in West Yorkshire and they have my thanks and appreciation for the work that is undertaken."

Jane Daguerre, Director at the West Yorkshire Community Chaplaincy Project, said: "It was great to see Mark last week. We all appreciated how attentively he listened to both our successes and challenges. We are grateful for the financial support that we have received through his office and equally value the fact that he recognises the worth of small local charities like WYCCP."

To find out more about the West Yorkshire Community Chaplaincy Project visit www.wyccp.org.uk.