Stop and Search Feedback


Copy Of Pg 32 SAS 1111Thank you for visiting the Stop and Search feedback page. 

If you have been stopped and searched by West Yorkshire Police, Mark Burns-Williamson, the Police and Crime Commissioner, who is independent of the Police, would like to hear about your experience. You can tell us about your experience using the online form below or call us on 01924 294000. 


Please click here to complete a Stop and Search feedback form.

The Police and Crime Commissioner and the Police have a responsibility to raise awareness of individual's rights if they are stopped and searched by police. Stop and Search is a police power given by law which if used in the right way can help prevent and solve crime. Did you know that if you are stopped and searched, there are some rules that police have to follow. For more information please see the "Stop and Search - Know Your Rights" page on the left hand toolbar or click here.



Click here to complete a Stop and Search feedback form.


Making a complaint about your Stop and Search - If you wish to complain about your Stop and Search please visit our complaints section here.


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