Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2012

Information requests and disclosures for 2012:

Request Date Request Disclosure Where Transferred
21/12/12 For the last 3 financial years, cost of interpreters, telephone interpreting and translation services. No information held West Yorks Police
21/12/12 Total cost to the Authority including subscriptions, training fees, expenses/allowances paid to officers/civilian staff in connection with membership to ACPO and APA respectively for financial years ending 2010, 2011 and 2012. Response (PDF 63kb) -
18/12/12 Vouchers/receipts etc for Police Authority expenses and allowances for the last 3 financial years for Mr Burns-Williamson. File too large to include on website. Available on request to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. -
18/12/12 Details regarding ex DI Peter Oram joining West Yorkshire Police Authority in September 2011 inc. was post advertised, job description, salary. No information held West Yorks Police
17/12/12 Number of burglaries, with dates, in the property Victorian Manor House, St Anns Grange. No information held West Yorks Police
3/12/12 Police officer annual leave policy - how far in advance can an officer agree annual leave? Is leave requested guaranteed? Which officers do not have to work public holidays? No information held West Yorks Police
29/11/12 Findings/reports of Operation Douglas. Expenditure accommodating Sir Norman Bettison at Oulton Hall after his appointment as Chief Constable for West Yorkshire Police. Response (PDF 345kb) -
29/11/12 Number of officers, broken down by age and rank who retired before they were 50, each year since 2004. No information held West Yorks Police
28/11/12 Minutes requested of Police Authority meetings 25/9/12, 4/10/12 and 9/11/12 Response (PDF 185kb) -
28/11/12 Details of police forces use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition inc. number of cameras, amount spent in 2009-12 on installing cameras, policy document. No information held West Yorks Police
21/11/12 Crime data and conviction rates from 2000 to 2012 for murder, rape, GBH, burglary, car thefts, car fraud and muggings. No information held West Yorks Police
14/11/12 Does your force take payments from storage agents, if so how many payments were received and how much in value in 2011. No information held West Yorks Police
12/11/12 Rank, year joined West Yorkshire Police, and whether subject of referral to South Yorkshire Police by the IPCC as part of the Hillsborough Enquiry the 6 officers that were employed by SYP on 15 April 1989 who are now employed by WYP. No information held West Yorks Police
12/11/12 Salary of PCC. Allowances and expenses claimed by Chair and members of the Police Authority in 2011/12 and 2012/13. Criteria for Deputy PCC. Is PCC a full-time position? Response (PDF 227kb) -
07/11/12 Prisoner assault allegations, witness coercion and public assault allegations. No information held  West Yorks Police
06/11/12 How much extra will the PCC cost and how is it being paid for? Response (PDF 52kb) -
05/11/12 Policy which helps/guides police officers in writing accurate statements/documents. No information held West Yorks Police
04/11/12 How many members (current and past) of the Police Authority have criminal records. No information held West Yorks Police
03/11/12 Copy of document entitled "Confidence in Policing among Gypsy and Travellers". Response (PDF 626kb) -
23/10/12 All documents, including internal correspondence, minutes of special committee relating to decision to refer Sir Norman Bettison to the IPCC. Full details of the 'conduct matter' in the IPCC referral. Response (PDF 395kb) -
30/10/12 Number of incidents where the police were called to school premises in East Leeds between 2008 and 2011. No information held West Yorks Police
26/10/12 1. Maximum level of expenses that could be claimed by previous 17 members.
2. Other than proposed salary for the PCC, will there be an amount of expenses they can also claim?
3. Has West Yorkshire Police allocated further monies to support the Police and Crime Panel?
4. How many members will there be on the Police and Crime Panel and what level of expenses can they claim?
5. What will be the salary for the PCC in West Yorkshire?
Response (PDF 68kb) -
21/10/12 Details of all payments made to chief police officers in the last 5 years which were not covered by the pay and allowance provisions in the Police Regulations 2003. Response (PDF 38kb) -
16/10/12 Amount of people prosecuted for illegally downloading music in West Yorkshire in the years 2010 and 2011 and the plan to resolve it. No information held West Yorks Police
12/10/12 and 15/10/12 Text of IPCC referrals/complaints re: Sir Norman Bettison and the 1989 Hillsborough disaster. All written correspondence between the Police Authority and Sir Norman Bettison in the last 2 months regarding referrals to the IPCC over the 1989 Hillsborough disaster. Response (PDF 25kb) -
10/10/12 Harassment Policy. No information held West Yorks Police
01/10/12 Queries re: content of CPOSA policy, whether the chief constable requested legal funding for the IPCC investigation, details of disclosure/questions of chief constable at appointment. Response (PDF 38kb) -
01/10/12 The dates Special Committee has met, who was the Chairman and the link for the minutes since September 2009. Cover letter (PDF 17kb)
Minutes 24/09/10 (PDF 33kb)
Minutes 01/05/12 (PDF 127kb)
Minutes 15/09/12 (PDF 115kb)
Minutes 03/10/12 (PDF 179kb)
01/10/12 How many injuries uniformed officers at the Force have sustained since 2005 - year by year breakdown. No information held West Yorks Police
20/09/12 Information re: safety issues following Elland Road U2 concert on 1 July 1987. No information held West Yorks Police
17/09/12 Costs of all local crime and policing surveys sent to residents by West Yorkshire Police Authority since October 2002 and number of surveys. Cover letter(PDF 35kb)Response (PDF 16kb) -
13/09/12 1. Since 1975 to present - chief constables and deputy chief constables of West Yorkshire Police.
2. If a police officer served at Bradford.
3. Members of West Yorkshire Police Authority from Calderdale council.
4. Chairmen of West Yorkshire Police Authority since 1975.
5. Chair of complaints committee since 1975.
6. Dates a councillor served as a Police Authority member.
1. Response (PDF 9kb)
2. No information held
3. Response (PDF 8kb)
4. Response (PDF 8kb)
5. Response (PDF 8kb)
6. No information held
11/09/12 Details of the number of employees in all departments.   Link to staffing information
Resources Committee Agenda 28 Sep 2012 (Word Document 1.96Mb)
06/08/12 Details of legal cases in which CPOSA's legal indemnity fund has been used.  No information held  -
19/07/12 Total money paid to trade unions for 2010 to 2012, the staffing provided for each trade union, charges to unions for payroll deductions.  No information held -
12/07/12 Does the police force purchase or lease its fleet of marked/unmarked cars? Is the contract for the purchase or lease of cars put out to competitive tender?   - West Yorks Police
11/07/12 Total number of paid staff employed by the Police Authority in each of the last 10 years and the annual staffing budget for each of the last 10 years.  Response (PDF 13kb)  -
09/07/12 1. Number of data loss incidents and confidentiality breaches over the last 3 years.
2. What was lost (nature of the information and number of individuals affected).
3. Which incidents (if any) have been reported to the Information Commissioner's Office. 
1. Response (PDF 11kb)
2 and 3 - No information held
2 and 3 to West Yorks Police
07/06/12 Statement of accounts 2006 to 2011. See 08/05/12 below -
07/06/12 Command Team corporate cars.  Response (PDF 29kb)  -
31/05/12 Vehicles stopped at 2011 Leeds festival.  - West Yorks Police
29/05/12 RIPA requests over last 5 years.  West Yorks Police
28/05/12 Road traffic accidents involving mobile phones.  West Yorks Police
22/05/12 Complainants met by the Chief Executive 2007 to 2012.  Response (PDF 8kb)  -
08/05/12 IT services available to Police Authority, suppliers, maintenance, contract renewal dates.  - West Yorks Police
08/05/12 Statement of accounts 2006 to 2011.  2006/07 (PDF 1.13Mb)
2007/08 (PDF 293kb)
2008/09 (PDF 304kb)
2009/10 (PDF 554kb)
2010/11 (PDF 1.88Mb)
03/05/12 Members expense rates.  Response (PDF 38kb) -
27/04/12 Police cautions 2011.  - West Yorks Police
24/04/12 Corporate credit card statements (from 2007), policies and charitable donations.  Response (PDF 35kb)
Expenses Scheme (PDF 233kb)
Credit card statements (PDF 4.59Mb) 
21/04/12 Employment Tribunal report. Audit and Risk minutes for 23 Mar 2012.  Response (PDF 40kb)
Committee report (PDF 164kb)
Committee minutes (PDF 57kb)
19/04/12 Complaints against chief officers.  See 06/04/12 below From West Yorks Police
13/04/12 PCSO power to issue fixed penalty notices. West Yorks Police
11/04/12 Police injury awards 1 Jan 2007 to present.  Response (PDF 839kb)  -
10/04/12 Pension payments to deceased police officers/staff.   - -
06/04/12 Complaints, Freedom of Information, chief officer complaints (all for last 3 years) and Police Authority survey.  Response (PDF 48kb)  -
22/03/12 HMIC inspection of Olympic prepardness.  Response (PDF 36kb)
Committee minutes (PDF 22kb)
17/03/12 Unpaid leave policy for police officers.  - West Yorks Police
12/03/12 HMRC settlements in the last 4 years.   - West Yorks Police
03/03/12 Communications referring to ghosts, haunted, spirit, haunting, poltergeist 2009 to 2011.  No information held -
01/03/12 Police officer turnover in the last 2 years, defined by length of service.  - -
28/02/12 Icelandic investments, legal advice, amount invested, amount recouped, estimate of final amount recoup. Response (PDF 48kb)  -
28/02/12 Complaints data re: Occupy Leeds and police comment.   - West Yorks Police
27/02/12 Road traffic offences over the last 12 months (speeding, red light offences, seatbelts, phones).   - West Yorks Police
24/02/12 Metal theft in West Yorkshire, types of metal stolen and trends.   - West Yorks Police
21/02/12 Police injury pensions - numbers awarded, reviews, savings and cost of administering.   - West Yorks Police
10/02/12 Anti-social behaviour (ASB) statistics for Leeds in 2010 and 2011, actions to reduce ASB in Leeds.  - West Yorks Police
07/02/12 Average number of police officers and average cost per game in Championship for last 2 seasons.   - West Yorks Police
06/02/12 Number of police officer posts lost last year and planned for next year.  Response (PDF 11kb)
Committee report (PDF 152kb)
02/02/12 Kerb crawlers in Keighley - data for the last 3 years plus kerb crawling strategy.   - West Yorks Police
30/01/12 Incidents quoting a range of soap operas.   - West Yorks Police
17/01/12 Cost of Operation Douglas to the Police Authority.  Response (PDF 7kb) -
12/01/12 Driving offences 2009/10.   - West Yorks Police
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