Response to Announcement (19 Dec 2012)

The statement today clearly demonstrates that the Home Secretary has not listened. The cuts are going too far, too fast and the way the funding is allocated means there is no fair deal for West Yorkshire.

In a meeting and in an open letter to Theresa May, I raised the cuts to West Yorkshire that have already resulted in the loss of 1,400 policing jobs, and will result in total job losses of 2,000, including 800 police officers by 2014/15.

As a police area that receives almost 80% of its funding from central government, West Yorkshire has already been hit harder than most by the blanket 20% cuts. Today's announcement also freezes damping on the funding formula for the next two years. That means the grant due to West Yorkshire continues to be redistributed to other areas.

I welcome a fundamental review of the Formula. I will be pushing for a fairer re-distribution of the total funding and hope the review process starts early in the New Year to redress this serious imbalance as soon as possible.

I will issue a follow-up statement tomorrow once the full implications of the settlement are known. Once the local authority settlement from the Department for Communities and Local Government has been received, the full implications of the funding for West Yorkshire will be known.

In the meantime I will seek to meet with the Policing Minister at the earliest opportunity to make representation about a fair deal for West Yorkshire and will submit a response to today's announcement by 15 January 2013.

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