Community Involvement in Chief Constable Interviews (31 Jan 2013)

Today the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, will be making his choice for the next Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police as he interviews four leading chief officers for the role.

Mark Burns-Williamson made it clear in the run up to the election that the appointment of the next Chief Constable would be an absolute priority and began the recruitment process in his first week of office.

Mark said: "As expected for a police force of the size and reputation ofWest Yorkshire, all the candidates being considered for the job are of the highest calibre. Whoever is appointed will share my vision for policing and be passionate about providing a high quality policing service to everyone in West Yorkshire."

As part of the interview process Mark will be putting some questions to the candidates that have been drafted with the help of communities in West Yorkshire.

He pledged during the campaign to involve young people in decision making and contacted schools, youth clubs and groups to ask for ideas or questions. The questions and issues, reflecting the priorities of young people from across West Yorkshire, will be put to all the candidates during the interview.

Mark continued: "The response has been absolutely fantastic. When I have been out visiting youth centres and projects it has been a really good way to engage everybody, including the staff and volunteers in a conversation about young peoples' policing priorities. The views of young people in our communities are really important and I will continue to involve them in other important decisions."

Mark has also done the same for the challenges of diversity. Launched at his recent round table on Hate Crime, Mark contacted individuals and groups from across West Yorkshire for ideas and priorities to inform a specific interview question.

Mark finished by saying "I would like to thank everyone who sent in their ideas and questions. I have promised to share the responses from the successful candidate in return."

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