PCC Visits Youth Club Saved from Closure (14 Jun 2013)


Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson showed off his pool and table tennis skills this week as part of a visit to Sowerby Bridge Youth Club.

Young people at the centre wrote to Mark in January as part of their bid to keep their youth club open. Local councillors Adam Wilkinson and Dave Draycott also got in touch, prompting Mark to pledge his support. Thankfully, after a long hard campaign which saw young people speaking at rallies and collecting hundreds of signatures, they received news from the council that the service would remain open. Mark visited the centre this week to congratulate the attendees on their campaign and discuss local policing priorities.

Following the visit, Mark Burns-Williamson, said: "I was very pleased to hear the welcome news that Sowerby Youth Club is to remain open and I offer my congratulations to councillors Wilkinson and Draycott for their hard work in making this happen.

"Providing positive engagement opportunities for young people is a crucial aspect to helping to reduce anti-social behaviour and I have seen at first hand the difference this club makes to the local community."  

Cllr Wilkinson said, "The service provided at Foundry Street means a lot to the young people here. One aspect of dealing with low level crime and anti-social behaviour is about engaging young people with attractive alternatives, such as the much-valued facilities here."

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