West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner to Appoint a Deputy (25 March 2013)

Isabel Owen

Today, Mark Burns-Williamson has announced the appointment of Isabel Owen as his Deputy. Her role will be focused on developing partnerships in our communities with those who deliver services across the county, to ensure West Yorkshire is safer, and feels safer.

The  role of deputy as set out by the government was to allow elected Police and Crime Commissioner's to have the advice and support they need to deliver on their personal and party political mandate.

Cllr Mehboob Khan, one of the interviewers on the appointment panel, said:

"Isabel Owen has a proven track record working to bring people and partners together and she has an established record in senior positions and external affairs, as well as in advice and advocacy roles."

"In West Yorkshire we have a diverse population to represent and as the Leader of Kirklees Council I know how much we will value this appointment of a senior woman to such an important role in delivering on the Police and Crime Commissioner's agenda and establishing effective partnerships."

Steve Jennings, GMB official who also sat on the panel said:

"As a trade union official, I understand the significant responsaibility Mark has to all those who serve in and work to support West Yorkshire Police. In listening to and making decisions with 2.2 million people across West Yorkshire he will need the support of an experienced advisor and professional."

"After a robust process, I am keen to congratulate Isabel, who I know has both the commitment and experience to serve Mark and the public who elected him."

Mark Burns-Williamson, Police and Crime Commissioner, said:

"I have made a start in listening to you with my survey of local people, which was one of my first priorities alongside appointing a new Chief Constable. I need to now carry on and make people safer out there on the streets - where you live, in your community."

"To make sure I am working as effectively as I can with all those who make change happen on the ground, I need a person with the right skills and experience to advise me on the challenges we and I face in each and every community.

"My deputy will also ensure my office is effective in reaching out across the county."


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