Response to West Yorkshire Police Report on Savile (10 May 2013)

West Yorkshire Police has today published a report requested by West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, putting into the public domain the results of the investigation Operation Newgreen into what was known about Savile's offending, any West Yorkshire records relating to him and any contact with individual employees or the force as a whole.

Mark Burns-Williamson has said:

"I have been clear since evidence of Savile's crimes first came to light that victims must come first and that West Yorkshire Police Service's primary concern needs to be for the victims who have already come forward but also for those who may still be out there and are yet to report what happened to them to the police.

"I called for this public facing report to make sure all the information held by West Yorkshire Police relating to Savile is in the public domain and it is right that all people in West Yorkshire, and across the country, have the full details of Savile's interaction with the Force and have improved confidence in the police to protect the public and put matters right.

"This report will hopefully answer some of the many questions that people may have but it is also clear that there are serious issues arising from the report and concerns that need to be addressed. West Yorkshire Police has acknowledged that this is the case and it is right and proper that the IPCC conducts further independent investigations.

"I will now be discussing with the new Chief Constable the lessons that need to be learnt and to make sure that the recommended actions are implemented, including the new arrangements for dealing with high profile individuals and serious work to understand better why victims did not come forward at the time when Savile was alive.

"I hope that the publication of this report and the actions that will now ensue will serve to provide all the victims of Savile with greater trust and confidence in the West Yorkshire Police Service and I would urge anyone who has not come forward to do so by calling the police."

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