Savings Made In Forensic Science Contract (25 Oct 2013)

Hundreds of thousands of pounds could be saved by police services across the region as part of a brand new forensic science contract.

In December 2012, the Government announced the planned closure of the Forensic Science Service which delivered the majority of requirements to the North East.

LGC Forensics has now been awarded the contract serving seven police Forces, including West Yorkshire, Humberside, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Durham, Northumbria and Cleveland.

Laboratories at the newly developed premises in Wakefield will deliver this service alongside locations within the LGC estate. 

The co-location of scientists and investigators will also assist in early dialogue and understanding of case requirements.

It also gives immediate access to professional knowledge and advice surrounding forensic opportunities. This will assist in establishing prioritised lines of enquiry and investigation.

This unique partnership approach will offer stability for all seven forces whilst at the same time enabling the region to adapt to quick and often changing forensic science demands.

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson confirmed the agreement and said:

"The cost of forensic science has risen nationally and by negotiating this contract, we will avoid the price increases of up to ten percent encountered by other regions across the country.

"The seven Forces will benefit from significant annual savings through collaboration and cost avoidance within the procurement process.

"This means the public will receive better value for money, particularly against a backdrop of ongoing Government cuts to police services.

"The agreement of this contract really represents a positive collaborative step forward and creates a platform for further joint working.

"It has already been acknowledged on a national level, as the approach has recently been praised by the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee."

West Yorkshire is the lead force in the Yorkshire and Humber Region for Scientific Support.


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