New Year resolution- become a Special Constable (29 Dec 2014)

Struggling with making a New Year Resolution this year?  Want to get fit, meet new people and boost your CV? West Yorkshire Police can help with an exciting and dynamic opportunity as the Force launches its New Year Special Constable recruitment campaign. 

"At this time of year many people are looking to make the most of their time while putting something back into the community," said Chief Inspector Jaene Booth, of West Yorkshire Police. "People are also looking for self-development opportunities for their CV, learning new skills, getting out and about, and meeting new people.

"Joining the Special Constabulary as a volunteer not only ticks all these boxes but opens up a world of opportunity for personal and professional development. Undergoing the training and then taking to the streets as a police officer is challenging, but can make a welcome break from day-to-day life, bringing excitement and new insight with each shift you volunteer.

"Special Constables are an extremely valuable asset to the organisation and form a further link between ourselves and the diverse communities we serve."

The Force's new recruitment campaign starts today and includes a series of social media messages as well as an advertising campaign on local radio and digital community television.

West Yorkshire Police Temporary Chief Constable Dee Collins said: "Special Constables make a valuable contribution to policing in West Yorkshire, playing an active role in helping to keep our communities safe.

"The Special Constabulary is a really fulfilling role and opens up possible future career opportunities for people."

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, said: "Special Constables have a vital role to play within policing and it is essential we continue recruiting valuable members of the community who go on to develop into outstanding officers or who just want to make a difference within the community.

"I have pledged to involve communities through volunteering opportunities and this recruitment campaign for Special Constables is an ideal opportunity for people from all walks of life and backgrounds to get involved. It's also really important for employers to recognise the wider benefits of allowing their employees to contribute to community safety and the well-being of a local area. I am keen to explore with them what other skills and specialisms could be used in innovative ways to get the best out of individuals who are interested in signing up.

"West Yorkshire Police needs to be representative of the people we serve and I will personally be out in communities encouraging people to become Specials which can lead to other opportunities within the police service and elsewhere"

The Force has set a target of recruiting 1,500 Specials by May 2016.  The Force currently has 700 Specials who each volunteer a minimum of 16 hours of their time each month. Special Constables have the same powers and responsibility as full-time police officers but do not receive a salary. Any expenses incurred carrying out the role are covered so any volunteers are not left out of pocket.

Full details can be found on a special section of the Force's website which includes a series of videos from specials talking about the role, a 'myth-buster' to dispel some of the common misconceptions, as well as an online application form.

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