Police and Crime Commissioner visits project that benefited from Proceeds of Crime cash (22 Dec 2014)

SCF Visit 191214A project that benefited from Proceeds of Crime (POCA) cash has been visited by West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner.

Mark Burns-Williamson was at the YMCA White Rose project in Lupset on Friday to see how the £4,500 he donated to the initiative from his Safer Communities Fund had been spent.

The funding paid for sports equipment, trips for the young people and volunteers costs.

The Safer Communities Fund, which was established in 2014, has given £697,000 to more than 100 charities, voluntary groups and other organisations across West Yorkshire under the Fund launched this year.

The YMCA works with around 500 young people from the local area each year and run projects including youth clubs, social enterprise allotments, after school clubs and activities during the school holidays.

They focus on regenerating the Lupset estate by training young people to be leaders and breaking the cycle of anti-social behaviour.

They have run youth provision for the last 14 years and now employ six young people who are training to be youth workers.

Mr Burns-Williamson said: "This project demonstrates why it is so essential to get more POCA monies back into the communities affected by crime because of the good work done by projects such as these.

"The YMCA White Rose project has a tremendous impact in the community because of the work it does and I am pleased to be able to come and see the valuable work they are doing in the community with young people first hand.

"This year has seen a staggering amount of money go to good causes, but under current legislation the Government keeps half of the money seized from criminals in West Yorkshire.

"However I want to see all of that returned to the county as this could potentially double the amount available through the Safer Communities Fund and to West Yorkshire Police and prosecutors."

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