Second Proceeds of Crime bill for Bradford money launderer (17 Oct 2014)

A convicted money launderer who had more than £400,000 in assets seized by the courts has been hit by another Proceeds of Crime bill.

Michael Standing, 52, from Shipley, was jailed for eight and a half years at Bradford Crown Court in February 2010 after he was found guilty of charges of money laundering and possession of cannabis with intent to supply.

Confiscation proceedings were opened against him and in April 2011 he was ordered to repay £432,622.

And on Wednesday, Standing lost a further £10,830 to the courts after Wakefield magistrates ruled that cash seized by police in August last year, was on the balance of probability, for criminal use.

This money will be re-invested in projects aimed at tackling crime.

Detective Sergeant Karen Milner, of the Bradford District POCA Team, said:
"Standing previously told officers that he had 'thousands' of pounds stored in a biscuit tin in a secret location, but this money was never found.

"Our enquiries found that last year he had sent £10,830 to his bank asking for the cash to be paid into his account. This was promptly seized.

"We are pleased that this forfeiture has been granted, as it demonstrates that even after we have stripped the ill gotten gains of criminals through the courts, we can look to make further seizures of associated cash and assets through Proceeds of Crime legislation."

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, said:
"Once again this case highlights the excellent work by West Yorkshire Police and prosecutors, and the potential amounts which can be recovered under the Proceeds of Crime Act in sending out a strong message to criminals.

"Currently half of the money recovered from criminal activity in West Yorkshire goes back to Government, decisions on such allocations should be agreed locally at a time of huge government budget cuts.

"I want to see all that money returned to the county and into initiatives and policing that will benefit our communities.

"We have now awarded local groups and organisations a significant amount of money from my Safer Communities Fund, where they can bid into a single pot of money to ensure communities are safer and feel safer, and I want to make more cash available to this fund as well as operational policing."


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