Crime data information across West Yorkshire welcomed by Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson (22 Jan 2015)

Mr Burns-Williamson, the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, said: "It is reassuring to see that overall crime across West Yorkshire has fallen by 7.1 per cent including a significant drop in house burglaries and robberies.

"Once again, these latest figures demonstrate that West Yorkshire Police officers and staff are working incredibly hard to help bring down crime across the county despite severe budget pressures.

"Domestic burglary remains a priority in the Police and Crime Plan and reducing it so significantly, by 19.5 per cent, is testament to the work of West Yorkshire Police and our partners. Theft from the person has dropped by 18.8 per cent and robbery has dropped by 10.5 per cent.

"I have previously noted that there have been increases in incidents of violence without injury, sexual offences, and violence with injury which have been raised with the Chief Constable during the past 12 months and are subject to ongoing attention. The increase in sexual offences could be partly down to a willingness by victims to come forward but again I will be addressing the increases with the Chief Constable and see what more can be done to bring these figures down.

"It is positive that we have seen decreases across many crime types, but this does need to be set alongside crime recording issues, and although alot of work is being done by West Yorkshire Police to address this, I will continue to closely monitor the outcomes of this work.

"But that doesn't take away from the overall trend that crime has reduced despite damaging government cuts of at least 40 per cent by 2016/17 and the many challenges we all face. These decreasing figures demonstrate that the hard work and continued commitment of officers, staff and partners within West Yorkshire in reducing crime overall is working. However, with the demand around the threats such as cyber crime, human trafficking, counter terrorism and serious sexual offences the complexity and risks to policing are growing.

"We consider data such as this on a timely basis to ensure issues are identified quickly and acted upon and I am due to consider data to December 2014 shortly."

The figures are from the Office of National Statistics for the year up to the end of September 2014.

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