Police and Crime Commissioner reaffirms his commitment to tackling Modern Slavery on Anti-Slavery Day (16 Oct 2015)

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner has vowed to keep tackling human trafficking to mark Anti-Slavery Day 2015.
The day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of what modern day slavery is and what can be done to combat it.
Mark Burns-Williamson said "Human trafficking and modern day slavery are abhorrent crimes and tackling them is an absolute priority for me, West Yorkshire Police and our partners.
"Here in West Yorkshire we have made significant progress since a successful county wide human trafficking awareness raising event in Leeds back in April 2014 which brought together key partners and galvanised action".
"Following the event, we were successful in a bid with anti-human trafficking charity, Hope for Justice, for £200,000 from the Ministry of Justice to set up a West Yorkshire Anti Trafficking Network. The network brings together statutory agencies including West Yorkshire Police to ensure a co-ordinated approach to tackling this problem as well as providing a training aspect which saw around 3300 staff and officers trained in the signs and indicators"
"I have also commissioned a designated Human Trafficking Team which is only the second designated unit outside of London. The team is led by a dedicated Detective Chief Inspector and staffed by specialist detectives and investigators to investigate organised criminals involved in this type of offending"
"Anti-Slavery Commissioner Kevin Hyland visited West Yorkshire earlier this year and was impressed with the partnerships and work already done.
"I am also progressing with the creation of a National Modern Slavery Network among Police and Crime Commissioners together with the Anti-Slavery Commissioner and the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) which will provide a forum for partnerships on a national level and help ensure this problem is prioritised so perpetrators are brought to justice and victims supported appropriately"

To find out more about human trafficking and modern day slavery, including the signs and indicators and what help is available to victims visit /get-involved/campaigns/human-trafficking.aspx


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