West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner holds another West Yorkshire-wide summit on Child Sexual Exploitation (15 Jun 2015)

The West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson has held another West Yorkshire-wide summit on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

In September last year the Commissioner brought together various partners and safeguarding experts who help tackle the issue of CSE for a county-wide round table meeting.

And on Tuesday 9 June he held another such summit which brought together safeguarding leads from across West Yorkshire.

Mark Burns-Williamson said:

"Child Sexual exploitation and sexual abuse are abhorrent crimes and a problem that everyone has a collective responsibility to tackle. Dealing with it is a priority and this meeting was about bringing people around the table to see what is being done and what more can be done - we cannot and must not work in isolation when dealing with these issues.

"I found the meeting to be extremely useful for everyone and will be holding another one in due course. The meeting gave everyone the chance to discuss the issues in a full and frank manner.

"I also took the opportunity to introduce Stuart Piper to the group. Stuart is my new Safeguarding Co-ordinator and is a former police officer who has been given the specific job of advising others on the best way to tackle CSE and ensuring a strong and consistent approach to tackle the issue."

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Stuart Piper, said:
"It is clear already that there is already a lot of good work going on to tackle CSE across West Yorkshire.

"At the meeting I met a number of representatives from partner agencies who had a very positive attitude and I want to take that forward and make an even greater difference, providing a quality service to victims.

"By sharing information and best practice across our partners we can help to prevent this abuse of children and young people and bring those responsible to justice."

Assistant Chief Constable Russ Foster, of West Yorkshire Police, said:

"Protecting and safeguarding children is West Yorkshire Police's top priority and we are absolutely committed to doing everything that we possibly can to minimise the risks to children and ensure that they receive an appropriate level of care and are protected from harm.

"The Police and Crime Commissioner has made funding available for West Yorkshire Police to increase the number of resources dedicated to investigating these offences. We have appointed more staff to tackle child sexual exploitation across all districts and improved multi-agency working with partners in local authorities and charities to ensure joined up approaches to safeguarding vulnerable children and tackling child sexual exploitation.

"Working together is the way to tackle this abhorrent crime and we continue to build effective relationships with both statutory and voluntary partners and work closely with them to safeguard vulnerable children, provide them with care and support and take positive action against those who abuse them." 

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