Recruitment Opening for New Police Officers in West Yorkshire (22 June 2016)

As the latest recruitment window opens for new student police officers, those interested in joining are being offered the opportunity to ask any questions they may have as part of a series of live web chats.

It was announced in February that West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Willliamson had set a budget to pay for the recruitment of more police officers and to protect the number of PCSOs employed by the Force. West Yorkshire Police is aiming to recruit around 300 new police officers this year in addition to existing recruitment to cover naturally occurring vacancies. The Force is particularly keen to receive applications from people from minority groups as part of West Yorkshire Police's commitment to better representing the communities they serve.

From Friday (24 June), West Yorkshire Police will once again be accepting applications for new police officers.

Two live web chats have been planned for Monday, 27 June, and Thursday, 30 June, which will offer people the opportunity to find out more about the recruitment process and ask any questions they may have about joining the Force. Both web chats are due to take place at 2pm and you can set a reminder beforehand.

For those unable to take part live, there is the opportunity to submit questions prior to the web chats by sending them to Positive Action Co-Ordinator PC Amjad Ditta and there is an option to playback the web chats afterwards.

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Battle said: "There is no career quite like policing and we are seeking the very best to join our ranks. We have been really pleased with the high standard of applications we have received so far and look forward to the latest round of applications and meeting the next cohort of men and women interested in serving with West Yorkshire Police."

West Yorkshire Police has introduced a new Positive Action Co-Ordinator role to promote the police service as a career option to minority groups and communities. As part of his role, PC Amjad Ditta is holding workshops to offer advice and assist people with the application process.

"The scale of this recruitment offers a real opportunity to increase the diversity of our workforce and I would strongly encourage anyone from an under-represented group who is interested in a career in policing to make use of the positive action workshops that we are running and apply to join the Force." ACC Battle added.

Mark Burns-Williamson, Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, said: "Continuing the recruitment of police officers and protecting Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) is crucial for the frontline and safeguarding resources as far as possible.

"Together with partners we are working ever more closer to make sure this happens. We know our communities want to see more officers and staff visible on the streets protecting the most vulnerable as part of our Neighbourhood Policing Teams and response capacity in dealing with emergency and serious incidents.

"This is the first time we have been able to undertake open recruitment for about five years and presents a real opportunity to start rebuilding the numbers and increase the diversity within West Yorkshire Police."

This latest recruitment window is scheduled to be open from Friday, 24 June, to Sunday, 3 July. The application form will be available on the West Yorkshire Police website at: Outside of the recruitment windows, those interested in applying to joining as a police officer can register their interest which means they will be notified when future recruitment windows open.PC Amjad Ditta

Anyone interested in finding out more about PC Amjad Ditta's role and upcoming events he is attending can find out more on the West Yorkshire Police website at: For details of workshops taking place in your area and how you can get involved you can either email PC Amjad Ditta at [email protected] or call him on 07921 799160.

You can also follow him on Twitter by following @WYP_AmjadDitta

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