West Yorkshire Police to hold 24-hour tweetathon (29 Nov 2016)

A cast of characters from across West Yorkshire Police are showing the work they do to keep communities safe in a unique 24-hour tweetathon tomorrow (Wednesday 30 November). 

Officers and support staff from across the force will be taking to the social media platform to engage with people and to show how they make a real, practical difference by doing the job they do. 

As well as the main Force twitter account, which has well over 130,000 twitter followers, there are other specialist accounts for different teams and departments including the Roads Policing Unit - @WYP_RPU (20,000 followers), Mounted Section - @WYPHorses (16,000 followers) and the Dog Section - WYPDogs (20,000 followers) 

They will all be joining the 24-hour event along with individual officers of all ranks who already tweet about the work they do to their followers. The West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, will also be tweeting. 

Chief Inspector Sally Fryer (who tweets herself, using the handle @WYP SallyFryer) has organised the event. She said: 

"Social media platforms including twitter provide an excellent opportunity to reach out to the communities we serve like never before and actively engage with people. The potential to make a real difference is fantastic. 

"With just one message of 140 characters that takes just a few seconds to write we can potentially reach out to more people than live in many cities. 

"We have always looked at opportunities to do something a little different with the way in which we use social media - for example in 2014 we took part in a 'tweeconstruction' to publicise an appeal - and we wanted again to look at how we use our account. 

"So we are running this 24-hour tweetathon to show people the work that goes in across the Force to keep the communities we serve safe and well. 

"This isn't just about 'bobbies on the beat' (although many of them tweet too) but about the sum of all of our parts - it's about everything 'Team West Yorkshire' does during the course of an entire day. 

"There will be messages about positive action, inclusivity and diversity, force priorities (including tackling cyber crime, CSE and burglary), the demands on the 101 non-emergency service and to demonstrate the many and varied calls for service we receive." 

Mark Burns-Williamson (@WestYorksOPCC) said: "This is a brilliant opportunity for the public and partners to get a better understanding of the hugely wide ranging work West Yorkshire Police carry out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

"Engaging with the communities we serve is vital and I am pleased to see our police force making the most of this platform." 

Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, Dee Collins, said: "The aim of the Tweetathon is to encourage engagement with our communities, partners and particularly with young people to raise public awareness of the complexity of policing and the variety of work that we do.  

"Social media is becomingly an increasingly important communication tool enabling the Police to reach out to and directly hear from our communities so we can provide the services they need." 

The different accounts that will be tweeting during the event, using the hashtag #WYP24 

Below is a sample of accounts who will be tweeting during the event. This is not a list of all accounts. All the accounts tweeting can be seen by either following the #WYP24 hashtag or by going on https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/tweetathon

Central Escort Group (bikes) https://twitter.com/WYP_ceg;
NPAS Carr Gate https://twitter.com/NPAS_CarrGate;
PCSO Sarah Barberini https://twitter.com/WYP_SBarberini;
PCSO Vanessa Young https://twitter.com/WYP_VanessaYoun;
NPT Co-ordinator Irene Flemming https://twitter.com/WYP_IFleming;
Special Constable David McNally https://twitter.com/WYP_DMcNally;
PC Sally Baines https://twitter.com/WYP_SallyB;
PC Jamie Whiteley https://twitter.com/WYP_JWhiteley;
Positive Action Co-ordinator PC Amjad Ditta https://twitter.com/WYP_AmjadDitta;
Sergeant Ben Doughty https://twitter.com/WYP_BenDoughty;
Peter Arnold, Regional Scientific Support Services https://twitter.com/RSSS_PeteArnold;
Inspector Julie Deacon https://twitter.com/WYP_JulieDeacon;
DCI Chris Gibson https://twitter.com/WYP_ChrisGibson;
Chief Inspector Sally Fryer : https://twitter.com/WYP_SallyFryer;
Chief Inspector Aidy Waugh https://twitter.com/WYP_AidyWaugh;
Protective Services Crime https://twitter.com/WYPSeriousCrime;
Customer Contact Centre https://twitter.com/WYP_CCC; DCC John Robins https://twitter.com/WYPJohnRobins;
Chief Constable Dee Collins https://twitter.com/WYPDeeCollins

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