PCC returns over £1.69m of recovered criminal cash to good causes across West Yorkshire (31 Mar 2017)

ScfpagebannerMark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has now returned just under £1.7m of money recovered under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) back to the communities it came from.

42 projects from across West Yorkshire shared £172,118.37 at an awards evening in Halifax last night for the latest round of the PCC's Safer Communities Fund.

Over 380 projects have now received grants totalling £1,699,750.79 since the fund launched in February 2014.

The aim of the fund is to keep West Yorkshire safe and feeling safe and groups can apply for grants of up to £5000.

SCF 13111The fund is financed through money recovered under POCA which allows police and prosecutors to seize assets which criminals gained through vicarious means.

Successful projects in the latest round include an initiative to use music and performance to educate and safeguard young people against cyber crime and child sexual exploitation, an out of hours drop in service for people being affected by mental health issues, employment and skill training for past offenders, and early intervention and awareness raising to help victims of domestic abuse.

Mark said: "This is a fantastic group of innovative and worthwhile projects and I am looking forward to seeing the difference they make in our communities over the coming months.

"A big thank you to our police service and prosecutors for recovering this money and continuing to ensure that crime doesn't pay here in West Yorkshire. Without their hard work the fund wouldn't exist.

"I would ask groups to think of what good a grant of up to £5000 could do in their community and spread the word about the Safer Communities Fund as far as possible."

West Yorkshire Chief Constable Dee Collins, said: "It has been my honour and privilege to attend previous ceremonies where money is given to incredibly worthy groups and individuals who make a massive difference in West Yorkshire.

"I am constantly struck by how much drive and passion they have to help our communities and it therefore gives me great satisfaction to be able to take money away from criminals and see it go to people who make a positive and lasting difference."

The next round of the Safer Communities Fund opens for applications on 24th April 2017. To find out about the fund including how to apply visit /safer-communities-fund.aspx.

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