West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner backs campaign to 'Protect the Protectors' (7 Feb 2017)

West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson said: "Attacks on police officers and other emergency service workers are deplorable and I know the overwhelming majority of our communities agree with that.

"The campaign to protect the protectors has three key points; to improve recording of assaults on officers and staff across England and Wales, toughen up sentencing rules and support for more sustainable funding into key services like policing. Understandably this campaign was quick to receive widespread support and traction in parliament with a further debate on the subject scheduled for later today.

"West Yorkshire (Halifax) MP Holly Lynch's is leading a Ten Minute Rule Bill debate today which aims to highlight the need for greater protection to police officers and other front line emergency service workers and tougher sentences for offenders.

"I have met with Holly Lynch MP and the West Yorkshire Police Federation to discuss this campaign in finer detail and have raised it with other Police and Crime Commissioners and at the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) general meeting last month where there was also general support.

"I fully support this campaign and applaud Holly for securing this parliamentary debate in to emphasise the need for further protection for other frontline emergency service staff including ambulance crews and fire fighters and I will be watching the outcome of today's debate closely.

"Most of all I would ask for everyone to spare a moment and think of the thousands of officers and emergency service staff keeping us all safe across England and Wales and have a look at the campaign to see how you can get involved."

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