Knife Crime Week of Action (9 Feb 2018)

A week of action to tackle knife crime in West Yorkshire is being launched on Monday.

During the week there will be a mixture of targeted enforcement work and educational activity aimed at sharing a strong anti-knife message. It is part of a national initiative to raise awareness of the impact of knife crime in communities.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Gibson is the Operational Knife Crime Lead for West Yorkshire Police:

"In my role as a Senior Investigating Officer I see first-hand the terrible consequences knife crime can bring.

"It can have a devastating impact on the victim and their family but also the perpetrator and their loved ones. It can also cause great concern in local communities.

"Throughout this week and beyond we want to spread a simple message - #StopKnifeCrime.

"Carrying a knife is never the answer - knives take lives and if you carry a knife you risk being sent to prison and increase your chances of being seriously injured or killed."

DCI Gibson appears in the video further down the page.

During the week, West Yorkshire Police will be carrying out targeted enforcement work in communities where knife crime has been rising.

  • Carrying out test purchase operations with Police Cadets to see if retailers sell knives to under 18s.
  • Carrying out increased community engagement activity in areas where there have been a higher number of knife / bladed instrument offences.
  • Work with bus companies and increase the presence of PCSOs on them.
  • Use the 'Trojan Bus' to help identify those involved in crime and anti social behaviour whilst travelling.

"This enforcement work is important and is vital in helping to reassure the communities we serve and to build confidence around knife crime but it can only be part of the solution," added DCI Gibson.

"Education must also play a key role as well and we want to share our #StopKnifeCrime message as far and as wide as possible.

"By publicising the week of action through our social media channels and the wider dangers of knife crime we are helping to get this potentially life-saving message across. Anyone with access to social media can help by sharing our messages - it only takes a couple of seconds.

"Our social media accounts will be regularly updated with what we are doing and how our communities can help educate people about the dangers.

"Although this week is a great opportunity to #StopKnifeCrime our work to tackle the issue is on always ongoing."

In addition to this work, on Saturday 17 February, police will join partners and the local Harehills community to spread a defiant message against knife crime.

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, said: "We all know the horrendous results of the misuse of knives and I fully support the #StopKnifeCrime campaign.

"Unfortunately knife crime reports are on the increase but it hasn't gone unnoticed by those that are there to keep us safe and is being tackled by West Yorkshire Police with support from me and my office. This week of action is part of that with a focus on enforcement, education and awareness raising giving everyone the opportunity to reject knife crime which can destroy lives. "Our communities in particular have a real part to play and I would appeal for anyone with information on the illegal carrying or use of knives to report it to the police via 101 or online or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

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