Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner helped by two young people on work experience (26 July 2018)

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) was recently joined by two young people on work experience.

Joe and Lois, both 17 and from Wakefield, are part of the PCC's Youth Advisory Group and requested to have placements with Mark to find out more about the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the work of his office.

Lois said: "This has been a very valuable observation of the work of that Mark does. During my week I have visited various different groups which have received a grant from the Safer Communities Fund and saw the things they envisaged to do with the grant.

"I also attended a substantial number of other visits and meetings with Mark, including the West Yorkshire Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Board, a Community Outcomes Meeting with West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable, Dee Collins, where Mark holds West Yorkshire Police to account and a visit Wakefield Neighbourhood Policing Team.

"The work experience has definitely benefitted me. They have all been very eye opening experiences and I have thoroughly enjoyed being out and about experiencing just how busy the job of the PCC is and the appetite of the public for Marks presence in their local communities as PCC's are elected to make sure that local police meet the needs of the community."

Joe said: "My placement with the OPCC has provided me with an excellent insight into the work done to support the Police and Crime Commissioner in his role. I've been involved intrinsically with all departments and their work, from Research, Engagement and Comms to Safeguarding and Business Support. I have been provided with excellent support in my learning and development and have had the opportunity to get involved in challenging yet interesting work on a diverse range of different projects covering a vast range of topics. Some of my favourites being Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery, CSE Strategy and Safer Schools work.

"Be it attending meetings and events, writing reports or inputting data, everyday has been not only a challenge but also a learning experience, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it.

"I'd like to thank everybody at the office for being extremely welcoming and helpful, and for their hospitality during my placement, it's been a pleasure to work with you for the past two weeks and I hope to do so again in the future."

Mark said: "It was fantastic to have Lois and Joe join my office for a short time and I'm glad they got so much out of it. They were both highly motivated and capable, and I am sure they are destined for great things and we all really appreciated having them around and positively contributing, they are a real credit to themselves and West Yorkshire.

"Young people have such a valuable contribution to make to policing and community safety and that is why I created my Youth Advisory Group, which Joe and Lois both are a part of.

"The group consists of members aged between 13 and 21 years old who meet throughout West Yorkshire to give their views and comments to help steer decisions, policy and engagement. Membership is highly flexible, members are not required to attend every meeting and can also send ideas and feedback to me through a range of mediums including by email, telephone and social media.

"The group is looking for new members so if you know someone that may be interested you can find out more information on my website /get-involved/youth-advisory-group/recruitment.aspx."

Joe And Lois

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