West Yorkshire’s PCC proposes more investment in frontline policing (25 Jan 2018)

Today, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Mark Burns-Williamson will propose to the Police and Crime Panel a budget that includes more resources for West Yorkshire police to invest in the frontline.

If the proposal is supported, it will mean more police resources in West Yorkshire.

This follows further government cuts to our police and a consultation with people across West Yorkshire on increasing the police element of the council tax to pay for more policing.

Mark Burns-Williamson, said: "As your PCC I have had to make a difficult decision but to make sure West Yorkshire is safe and feeling safe and with the support of the people I represent, I am proposing an increase in the police precept which equates to £1 a month for residents in Band D properties. For most people in West Yorkshire the increase will be less than £10 a year or less than 20 pence per week.

"The government has given me little choice with a further cut to our budget of over £9m this year alone. Since 2010 the Government have cut our budget by roughly a third at the cost of over 2000 police jobs.

"I certainly don't want to put any extra burden on local tax payers but with 79 per cent of people telling me they are prepared to pay more a year for policing I am proposing the increase to invest in our frontline.

"Despite my continued request for more money from the government for an area of some of the greatest need, this proposal will ensure more resources will be allocated to strengthen neighbourhood policing and to protect the numbers of Police and Community Support Officers but also to tackle the priorities in my West Yorkshire Police and Crime Plan.

"These priorities have been informed by extensive consultation with people, the police and our partners across West Yorkshire and include issues of real concern such as road safety, cyber crime, child sex exploitation, human trafficking and domestic abuse.

"I will be working closely with the Chief Constable and West Yorkshire Police to ensure we invest wisely in these key areas to help tackle the various demands.

"I will continue to provide money through my Safer Communities Fund to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in your local area and resources for partnership working so that we can continue to work better together to keep all our communities safe and to improve the services we provide to the people of West Yorkshire."

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