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Strong message of unity and hope to all the communities of West Yorkshire

There were two separate incidents of concern involving West Yorkshire residents overseas last month and there is obviously shock particularly for the families caught up and for the local communities. It is during times like this that people pull together and show strength in adversity. The ability and willingness of people in West Yorkshire to do this is one of the area's great strengths. It is also important to recognise that now is not the time for knee-jerk reactions. We need long-term solutions to long-term problems. That is why I have launched a scheme called Community Voices which is an on-line training platform that provides a service to credible voices within local communities who are helping to tackle online radicalisation. The training offered helps members of the public who want to help make a difference to spot the early signs of extreme ideologies. It also educates young and potentially vulnerable and impressionable members of society by challenging what they see on-line and explaining if it is right or wrong.     

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£1.5m funding to crack unsolved murder and rape cases

I have announced £1.592m worth of funding to employ extra staff to help crack historical unsolved murder and rape cases. Victims of crime are at the heart of everything I do, I regularly speak personally to families who have lost loved ones or victims who themselves have suffered horrific crimes but never seen anyone brought to account for what happened. There are still people out there, in our communities, enjoying their liberty, who are responsible for terrible crimes. They present a real threat of further harm and need bringing to justice.               

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Cold Cases

Child Sexual Exploitation summit

I held another West Yorkshire-wide summit on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) last month bringing together safeguarding leads and partners from the county. Child Sexual exploitation and sexual abuse are abhorrent crimes and a problem that everyone has a collective responsibility to tackle. Dealing with it is a priority and this meeting was about bringing people around the table to see what is being done and what more can be done - we cannot and must not work in isolation when dealing with these issues.

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Photo 4Youth Advisory Group meeting  

I met with my Youth Advisory Group (YAG) in Wakefield last month. In a lively meeting the group asked about radicalisation, the incident at Dixon Kings Academy and the impact budget cuts are having on policing. The young people are able to express their views and comments which steer future decisions, policy and engagement with young people. The group also had an input on stop and search and learnt about their rights and what they would expect to happen if they were stop and searched. The YAG currently has 64 members from all across West Yorkshire. There are a minimum of 4 meetings a year and the location moves to a different district each time to give all members equal opportunity to attend. The group also undertake visits, may attend consultation events and engage regularly outside of formal meetings.  

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National Specials Weekend

I supported National Specials Weekend by joining West Yorkshire Police at a Specials recruitment stand at the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds. Special Constables and volunteers are a vital part of the police service and are a much appreciated presence in all areas. They provide a valuable link between local communities and the police and help prevent and investigate crime as well as helping to reduce disorder and anti-social behaviour. I'd like to thank all of those who give up their own time to be Special Constables in West Yorkshire. You are doing a good job in your communities and playing a significant role in making sure everyone in West Yorkshire is safer and feels safer. To find more about becoming a special constable visit

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Castleford Neighbourhood Policing Team visit

I visited the Castleford and Featherstone areas to listen to community concerns. The visit began with a briefing with local officers from the Castleford Neighbourhood Policing Team about their work in the community and how they help to keep people safer and feeling safer. A visit to St Thomas Junior School in Featherstone followed where I watched a presentation from PCSOs Amanda Johnson and Kay Greenwood, delivered to the children about the impact of anti-social behaviour in the community. I finished my visit by speaking to shopkeepers and management at the Junction 32 retail park to listen to any concerns they have and to reassure them about the work that is being done in their area.

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Unity Project

I am investing nearly £500,000 to improve community safety in West Yorkshire. I am leading an initiative called the Unity Project which is a key partnership made up of a mixture of law enforcement, academic and private industry partners from across Europe and aims to improve community policing and the way in which members of the public work with law enforcement agencies. The money I am investing will help to develop new ways of how people interact with West Yorkshire Police including new technology. The funding was secured via the West Yorkshire for Innovation team (WyFi) through the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Commission which is jointly funding it with my office. The main aim of the project is to place communities at the very heart of everything the police does and to help keep people safe.

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HC BannerHate Crime reporting

Did you know you can now report hate crime and hate incidents online? You can find the online form and more options here: 

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