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Keeping our communities safe and feeling safe
Attestation EventAs your Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) I want to make sure our communities are safe and your police service is adequately resourced. This next year I have set a budget to help strengthen neighbourhood policing, protect PCSO numbers and recruit over 140 additional Police Officers and staff to help protect frontline policing and tackle key priority areas such as cyber crime, safeguarding and investigations.

The new budget sees a £12 increase on the police element of council tax, known as the police precept, which equates to an extra £1 a month for residents in Band D properties. However for most people in West Yorkshire the increase will be less than £10 a year or less than 80 pence per month, given that over 75% of properties are in Bands A,B and C.

79% of people I have surveyed before setting the budget said they would be prepared to pay more a year for policing. I certainly didn't want to put any extra burden on local tax payers but the fact is these new resources just simply wouldn't be available if it wasn't for the support of our communities in helping me raise the additional funds locally in West Yorkshire.

The Government has again imposed a further real terms cut to our core budget which equates to over £9m this year alone when inflation and pay costs are taken into account. This is despite already cutting our budget by roughly a third since 2010 at the cost of over 2000 police jobs.

I will continue to work closely with the Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police, the public and our partners to ensure we invest wisely in key areas of demand, increase collaboration and secure more efficiencies with new technology and transformation to help tackle the various and complex policing challenges in keeping our communities safe and feeling safe.

Mark Burns-Williamson OBE
West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner 


Where the money came from 2018/2019 What the money is spent on 2018/2019
Graph - Where Money Came From Graph


Budget 2017-2018 £m 2018-2019 £m
Gross Expenditure 496.956 517.781
Council Tax Requirement 94.945 104.815



Mark is delivering for communities across West Yorkshire by:

. Recruiting more police officers, protecting PCSO numbers and strengthening frontline and neighbourhood policing.

. Since 2014 giving over £2 million of recovered Proceeds of Crime money to community groups and organisations working to keep communities safe.

. Working with key partners to co-ordinate resources to tackle the priorities in the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Plan such as road safety, cyber-crime, child sex exploitation and domestic abuse.

. Continuing the work to tackle human trafficking and modern slavery, furthering the progress of the local and national networks set up to combat it.

. Working with the police and partners to combat serious crime including knife and gun crime and raising awareness of hate crime, the support available, encouraging reporting and awareness raising.

. Investing in vital hand held technology, body worn cameras and in-car systems to ensure officers remain out on the streets where the public want them.

.Continued investment in a team of specialists who investigate financial exploitation and abuse of vulnerable and older victims.

. Improving services for victims and witnesses and the Help for Victims website

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 SCF Mark with some of the projects granted money recovered from the Proceeds of Crime.


Summary: There will be a 7.95% increase to the annual police council tax Contact

Council Tax Band Total cost per year £ Increase per annum £ Increase in pence per week
A 108.63 8.00 15
B 126.74 9.33 18
C 144.84 10.67 21
D 162.95 12.00 23
E 199.16 14.67 28
F 235.37 17.33 33
G 271.58 20.00 38
H 325.90 24.00 46

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