DIP Review

The DIP Review sets out the findings of a review of the commissioning of the Drugs Intervention Programme (DIP) for West Yorkshire.  Tackling drug related offending remains a priority for the region and the review should be seen as a conduit to enable improvements to services providing evidence for the future development of service specifications and implementation of approaches to reduce re-offending in the district.  With the DIP being operational for over a decade a review is now timely. 

The Drug Interventions Programme (DIP) was launched in 2003 and identified offenders who misuse Class A drugs, namely heroin, cocaine and/or crack cocaine, as they go through the criminal justice system. A key driver for the programme was to identify people early and try to get people into treatment quicker. It was seen as a key element of the Home Office Strategy to reduce crime and improve community safety.  

The DIP seeks to engage drug using offenders into treatment at every point of the criminal justice system.  DIP identifies drug users in police stations, courts and prisons and deploys a range of interventions to address offending behaviour linked to drug misuse and aims to address the needs of this group and move them out of crime and into drug treatment and other support. The DIP has been heavily resourced nationally at approximately £150 million per year but has had a very positive impact in some key ways included:

  1. It succeeded in identifying large numbers of drug using offenders who had never been in contact with treatment services
  2. A reduced waiting time in access for to treatment services has been stimulated ensuring that drug using offenders can have quick access, appropriate and timely support 

Whilst positives have derived from the DIP to date the funding, commissioning, management and delivery structures for addressing the problems associated with illicit drugs in England are experiencing an unprecedented level of change.  It was therefore felt timely to review the current commissioning of DIP across West Yorkshire and undertake horizon scanning on future risks to its continued successful delivery.  This review aims to assess the current position and highlight forthcoming policy and structural impacts and their risks to inform the future commissioning of the DIP by West Yorkshire's Police Crime Commissioner.

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