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West Yorkshire Police and Crime Plan 2013-2018

Executive Summary                                                                                                                                                                                  


Welcome to a summary of the first Police and Crime Plan for West Yorkshire. As your newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner I have produced a plan to set out a strategic vision for policing, both tackling and preventing crime in our county over the next five years.

People living, working and volunteering across West Yorkshire know what we need to do together to achieve community cohesion and build community safety and the plan has been produced in partnership around shared outcomes and ambitions.

Together we will make our communities safer and feel safer.


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What can we achieve together?

Communities in West Yorkshire are safer and feel safer                                                                                                             

If crime, re-offending and anti-social behaviour are reduced, victims and witnesses feel supported. If local, regional and national threats, risks and harm are tackled and partners work together in an efficient and effective way, then communities become and feel safer. Strong, cohesive communities are important for wellbeing, for our quality of life, and for people to feel included.

  • Making sure that communities are safer and feel safer is not just the responsibility of the police but is everyone's business. I am committed to working in partnership with you, local councils, community safety organisations, criminal justice agencies, businesses, trade unions, charities, volunteers and other organisations in your communities to tackle the problems which matter on your street, across West Yorkshire and nationally.
  • I will ensure that crime preventionis at the forefront of efforts to reduce the opportunity for acquisitive crime (such as burglary and car crime), violent crime, business crime and anti-social behaviour.


Crime and re-offending is reduced                                                                                                                                                

  • I want domestic burglary in West Yorkshire to be reduced. I have set the police and partners a target for performance to be better than the most similar forces and partnerships in England and Wales.
  • I will use my position as elected representative to bring people together with partners to tackle all forms of hate crime.
  • To tackle domestic violence I will work with partners to encourage people suffering from domestic abuse to come forward and report what is happening to them, provide the support they need to feel safe and stay safe and explore new ways to better tackle it.
  • I will work with partners to make children, wherever they are, safer from those who exploit vulnerable young people, identifying and punishing those in groups and gangs sexually exploiting children.
  • I will work with trade unions, business people and other relevant partners in West Yorkshire to ensure that people at work are and feel protected.
  • I will work with communities and organisations such as schools and the voluntary sector to open up opportunities for young people that will put them on a path away from anti-social behaviour or crime.
  • Agree a definition for business crime and make sure that I consult with local businesses in a way that is meaningful and useful.


Anti-social behaviour is reduced                                                                                                                                              

  • Reports of anti-social behaviour will be responded to in a way that victims and communities are happy with.
  • I will identify the best way to check that services provided in communities to tackle anti-social behaviour are dealing with the problem in the right way at the right time when people need them.


Victims and witnesses are supported                                                                                                                                          

  • I have made five promises to victims and witnesses. I will work with partners to see how we can fulfil these promises to:

1. Be open and accountable to victims and witnesses, seeking out and acting on their views.

2. Make sure victims and witnesses get the high quality help and support they need, when they need it.

3. Make the police more victim focused and be more effective in meeting victims' needs.

4. Give victims and witnesses an effective voice in the wider criminal justice system.

5. Constantly work to develop new ways of delivering justice for victims.


Local, regional and national threats, risks and harm are tackled                                                                                 

  • I will work with partners to get a better understanding of the serious problems that exist in our communities around drugs and alcohol and work towards reducing the harm caused to individuals, families and communities through the abuse of drugs and alcohol.
  • I will work with partners to improve our understanding of the issues around mental health, community safety and the criminal justice system and put in place better systems to deal with those issues.
  • I will work with the police and other agencies to ensure the threats posed locally and nationally by organised crime groups are tackled in the most effective and efficient way to minimise serious harm in our communities.
  • I will make sure that we have the right resources and people to tackle national threats such as terrorism, serious public disorder, organised crime, major cyber incidents and civil emergencies.


Criminal justice system is effective and efficient                                                                                                                                   

  • I will work in partnership with criminal justice agencies to achieve the outcomes people expect for their communities particularly for victims of crime.
  • With the police I will ensure stop and search activity is used appropriately, proportionately and when necessary to do so, working with communities to assess the impact this activity has had on them and better explain why.
  • I will scrutinise complaints against the police and, wherever possible, aim to help put things right. I will actively engage in the consultation around how complaints are dealt with independently, in a national body or otherwise. I will set up an independent review of police conduct and standards.


Communities are listened to                                                                                                                                                           

  • I will spend as much of my time as possible listening to the people of West Yorkshire, visiting neighbourhoods, holding surgeries and listening to a wide range of groups about their experiences and what matters to them.
  • I have made five promises to young people. I will work with partners and young people to see how I can fulfil these promises, which are to:

1. Make myself accessible to young people and provide appropriate ways for young people to express their concerns to me (e.g. face-to-face surgeries, social media, e-petitions).

2. Treat all young people as citizens, valuing their interests and opinions as much as any other group in the community.

3. Provide an equal platform for all members of the community, including minorities and those who are marginalised.

4. Establish a way of meaningful representation of young people's views by creating, for example a young advisory panel.

5. Use my influence as Police and Crime Commissioner to support the police to engage positively with all young people.


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To read a PDF version of the Executive Summary click here


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