Executive Summary



As your Police and Crime Commissioner I have published a refreshed Police and Crime Plan that sets the strategic direction for policing and community safety across West Yorkshire. It reflects the new challenges that local partners and local people are working together to meet.

This plan is strongly influenced by what you care about where you live, and has been produced in partnership with West Yorkshire Police, each of the five district CSP, and many other local partners. It is built around achieving a shared vision of making sure our communities are safer and feel safer.

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Mark Burns-Williamson


What can we achieve together?

Communities in West Yorkshire are safer and feel safer

By working together with local people and partners we can better tackle and reduce crime, re-offending and anti-social behaviour. As a result there will be greater cohesion and confidence within communities, and people across West Yorkshire will be safer, feel safer and be stronger as a result

  • Making sure that communities are safer and feel safer is not just the responsibility of the police but is everyone's business. I remain committed to working with local people and local partners to tackle the problems which matter to you, on your street, in your communities.

  • I will continue to work with partners to ensure that crime prevention is at the forefront of efforts to reduce the opportunity for all crimes. I will advocate the use of early intervention in helping to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour from happening by tackling issues upstream and will work with others to open up opportunities for young people around education, employment and training. I want to see adequate support for Neighbourhood Watch schemes and the recruitment of additional special constables. In addition, people at work should be and feel protected.


Crime and re-offending is reduced

  • I want domestic burglary in West Yorkshire to be reduced. I have set the police, working with partners, a target to be better than its most similar forces and partnerships.
  • I will continue to work with partners to safeguard people against violent and serious crimes by:
    • Protecting children from those who exploit them;
    • Encouraging people suffering from domestic abuse to come forward and supporting them;
    • Making sure that the right support is available for victims of sexual violence;
    • Working with partners to raise awareness of and tackle human trafficking; and
    • Supporting a partner led campaign to raise awareness of the new laws around forced marriage and honour based violence
  • I will bring together local people and partners in West Yorkshire to tackle all forms of hate crime.
  • With partners including the police service, I will undertake a review to look at the impact of cyber crime in West Yorkshire. I will also work with both private and public partners to ensure that action is taken by the appropriate people to prevent cyber crime.
  • I will ensure that existing and new partnerships are used to reduce re-offending by rehabilitating and reintegrating offenders back into their communities.


Anti-social behaviour is reduced

  • I will work with partners to implement the Community Trigger, and I will ensure that the Community Remedy document, which gives victims a say in the out-of-court punishment of offenders for low-level crime and anti-social behaviour, reflects public views.
  • I will ask local agencies to work together with local people to ensure that local plans are in place to tackle high priority road safety issues where it is needed, and in the most appropriate way.


Victims and witnesses are supported

  • I have made five promises to victims and witnesses. I will work with partners to see how we can fulfil these promises to:
    • Be open and accountable to victims and witnesses, seeking out and acting on their views.
    • Make sure victims and witnesses get the high quality help and support they need, when they need it.
    • Support the police to be even more victim focused and more effective in meeting victims' needs.
    • Give victims and witnesses an effective voice in the wider criminal justice system.
    • Constantly work to develop new ways of delivering justice for victims
  • I will consult with local businesses in a way that is meaningful and useful and that will allow local businesses to have a say in decision making.


Local, regional and national threats, risks and harm are tackled

  • I will work with partners to get a better understanding of the serious problems that exist in our communities arounddrugs and alcohol, and work towards reducing the harm caused to individuals, families and communities through the abuse of drugs and alcohol, including legal highs.
  • I will work with partners to improve our understanding of issues around mental health, community safety, and the criminal justice system, and put in place better systems to deal with those issues.
  • I will work with the police and partners to ensure the threats posed by organised crime groups are tackled in the most effective and efficient way to minimise serious harm in our communities.
  • With the Chief Constable I will make sure that we have the right resources, understanding, people and governance frameworks to tackle national threats such as terrorism, serious public disorder, organised crime and civil emergencies.



Criminal justice system is effective and efficient

  • I will work in partnership with criminal justice agencies to achieve the outcomes people expect for their communities particularly for victims of crime.
  • I will hold the Chief Constable to account to ensure stop and search activity is used appropriately, proportionately, in the pursuit of a legitimate aim and in a way that can be explained by the searching officer. My staff will consult the public to assess the impact of stop and search activity.
  • I will ensure that crime data is periodically audited to ensure that crime recording standards are being followed, and to review the processes to ensure they remain robust and reliable.
  • I will scrutinise complaints against the police and, wherever possible, aim to help put things right.


Communities are listened to and involved

  • I will spend as much of my time as possible listening to the people of West Yorkshire, visiting neighbourhoods, holding surgeries and listening to a wide range of groups about their experiences and what matters to them.
  • I will provide an equal platform for all members of the community, including minorities and those who are marginalised, and develop a more formal mechanism to allow me to engage in a more meaningful way.
  • I will treat all young people as citizens, valuing their interests and opinions as much as any other group in the community. I will make myself accessible to them, and continue to consult my Youth Advisory Group on key issues.
  • I will use my staff at the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to help me to gather more people's views, allowing me to hear the voices of more of the people that I have been elected to serve.



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