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Vision and strategy for implementation of the Police and Crime Plan 2013-18

How will the emerging police and crime service delivery across West Yorkshire look by the May 2016, the end of the first administration of the Police and Crime Commissioner?


Police, crime and community safety service delivery will be: 

  • part of a wider collective effort across West Yorkshire focused on making people safe and feeling safer;
  • delivered by a flexible workforce, working in multi-disciplinary neighbourhood safety teams; 
  • organised intuitively so the citizen isn't expected to find the right agency for their needs and the service deliverers they rely on aren't hampered by bureaucracy (the 'one stop shop' approach); 
  • arranged in a way that meets the needs of our communities - where the police lead on some functions and are led on others;
  • based in locations that suit the needs of communities, and where premises, assets and facilities are shared with other agencies;
  • supported by a range of generic services providing assets, information, advice and administrative resilience across partnerships in the most cost effective way, and
  • under governance arrangements that maximise public accountability, transparency and value for money.

To read Mark's full Vision and Strategy please click here. (pdf 1.13mb)


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