Working together – making a difference - Delivering the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Plan 2013-2018 (10 May 2013)

Event Summary and Feedback


On Friday 10th May 2013 partners from across West Yorkshire came together at Bishopgarth, Wakefield at the first planning for delivery event hosted by Mark Burns-Williamson, Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire. The focus of the morning was to start to plan out how, collectively, we will deliver on the priorities and commitments made in the recently published Police and Crime Plan and determine the partnership direction going forward. 

Around 100 delegates from at least 55 different organisations attended- including the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, West Yorkshire Police (officers and staff), members of the Partnership Executive Group and Police and Crime Panel, key partners from local Community Safety Partnerships, universities, organisations specialising in criminal justice, victims, substance misuse, health and housing, and a wide range of other voluntary and community sector groups. In addition there were expressions of interest from many others who couldn't make it on the day, keen to be involved as partnership models progress. 

Nearly half of all delegates (42) completed an evaluation form - providing really useful feedback on the event planning, content and delivery. Overall, feedback from partners was predominantly positive - reporting a worth while event that was productive and well organised and commenting on the usefulness of the interactions they had with other delegates. 

Together with anecdotal feedback at and since the event, this suggests that attendees held a shared interest in how we make our communities safer and feel safer, and importantly, a shared will to succeed in doing this. This was reinforced by various commitments people made to how they will personally approach partnership working in the future. 

In terms of suggestions for improvement, people were particularly keen for alonger event with more time for group discussions and the option to attend more than one session and additional time for informal networking over lunchtime. All suggestions will be considered when planning future events. 

The Event

The event started with introductions from the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable followed by a keynote speech from the Victims' Commissioner, The Rt. Hon. Baroness Newlove of Warrington. The rest of the session was focused around group discussions and initial feedback/discussion. The break-out sessions focused on the outcome areas within the Police and Crime Plan

. Crime is reduced . Re-offending is reduced . Anti-social behaviour is reduced . Victims and witnesses are supported . Local, regional and national threats, risks and harm are tackled . Criminal justice system is effective and efficient . Communities are listened to

Event Feedback

Attendees particularly welcomed the opportunity that the event provided to: 

  • Personally meet the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable
  • Hear from the Victims' Commissioner and have a clear focus on victims
  • Come together with other partners - attendees generally felt there was a very good mix of organisations represented
  • Focus on the importance of working together and partnerships
  • Find out more about the Police and Crime Plan
  • Hear about good practice 

Delegates appreciated the opportunity to meet the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable - and see them interacting:

  • BEST THING - "Direct contact with the Chief Constable."
  • BEST THING- "A good early opportunity to see the relationship between PCC and CC and their passion for improving the lives of people inWest Yorkshire."

BPEVENTThe introductions from Mark Burns-Williamson, Police and Crime Commissioner and Mark Gilmore, Chief Constable; and Baroness Newlove's keynote speech were very well received. Specific comments included:

  • BEST THING - "Baroness Newlove's speech, passionate and focused."
  • BEST THING - "Mark Gilmore. First time I have heard him and liked what I heard."
  • BEST THING- "…The keynote speech was very detailed and inspiring."


There were a lot of positive comments about the group discussions - most people felt they were well facilitated, interesting and useful in starting to plan out practical actions and solutions. 

The majority of attendees that provided feedback said it was an effective way of hearing about other partners' work - and a good opportunity to work together with key partners to find joint solutions. There was also a strong level of agreement that the event was useful in thinking through practical actions - how we work together to make the Police and Crime Plan a reality.

  • BEST THING  - "The break out groups and working together."
  • BEST THING - "Enjoyed the group session, well facilitated and voice heard."
  • BEST THING - "The workshop was excellent - reducing re-offending."
  • BEST THING - "The break-out session was very informative and beneficial…"
  • BEST THING - "Discussion about partners' perspectives on current change and practical ways of working."


We are aware that effective follow up from the event will be very important and going forward this work will be supported by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and members of the Partnership Executive Group. 

Mark made a firm commitment as Police and Crime Commissioner in his closing remarks to listening carefully to the views expressed in the group discussions and involving all partners in how things are taken forward.

More generally, people were positive about the major themes of the day - the need to work together, focus on making a difference, and put victims first. A number of delegates also complimented the event management and atmosphere:

  • BEST THING - "I like the plan and emphasis on partnerships which were well supported, argued and illustrated via keynote addresses."
  • BEST THING - "Practical focus and information."
  • BEST THING - "The clear focus on victims. The focus on partnership working. The overall vision 'together we are stronger'."
  • BEST THING - "Chance to hear about good practice and networking."
  • BEST THING - "Well organised - kept to time."
  • BEST THING - "Clarity of purpose - clear agenda. Good organisation, timing, clarity of where, who, how etc

More generally, people were positive about the major themes of the day - the need to work together, focus on making a difference, and put victims first. A number of delegates also complimented the event management and atmosphere:

Aspects of the event attendees felt could have been improved:


 Specific comments and suggestions included:

  • IMPROVEMENTS - "Longer break out groups. More opportunity to understand each others roles and make firm plans on what we could do next."
  • IMPROVEMENTS - "Opportunity to attend more than one workshop, not enough time to hear about other projects."
  • IMPROVEMENTS - "Perhaps a little more information/explanation of the relationship between the PCC & CC and how this is different from the role of the police authority."
  • IMPROVEMENTS - "Time for discussion about what we are going to do differently - not just the rhetoric."
  • IMPROVEMENTS - "For the PCC to have direct contact with attendees. For a two way discussion to happen with him rather than through mediators…."
  • IMPROVEMENTS - "Would have liked a split on the victims group to look at domestic abuse in isolation as it is one of the main causes of offending inWest Yorkshire."

Shared responsibility

The event was designed to encourage partner ownership of the Police and Crime Plan and specific actions and new ways of thinking about how we all do things in the future. Encouragingly, many attendees suggested things that they will try and do differently as a result of the event when working with partners in the future. Examples included:

  • DO DIFFERENTLY - "Keep mind on victims in my commissioning. Want closer relationship with OPCC in terms of commissioning."
  • DO DIFFERENTLY - "Look at promoting innovation within our service. Evidencing what we do that works."
  • DO DIFFERENTLY - "Contact some of the people in my group."
  • DO DIFFERENTLY - "Make sure we do not rest on our laurels, always look at good practice and work together - partnership to solve problems."
  • DO DIFFERENTLY - "Support the Chief Constable's idea of more collective local management of community issues."
  • DO DIFFERENTLY - "Inform more public health staff about the plan. Integrate the plan into thinking about the Domestic Violence and Alcohol/Drugs strategies and plans."
  • DO DIFFERENTLY - "Use the Police and Crime Plan as a basis for partnership working."

There were also some practical suggestions that the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Partnership Executive Group will follow up, to help in taking things forward:

"The discussion in my group focused very much on local issues. It would have been good to consider regional and national [threats, risks and harm] (e.g. SPR) but I don't think the organisers could have influenced this - perhaps an opportunity for a focused session on these issues could be convened?"

"Could "we" identify how other PCCs are addressing objectives which are similar to the one considered by group 5 [local, regional and national threats, risks and harm are tackled]? (identify any best practice)."

Looking ahead… 

"Can we have notes provided, would also like follow up events."

"Thank you and well done!"

"Enjoyed the event."

"Keep doing it - well done."

"To continue the process and receive information to feel like you are part of that process."

"Thank you for the opportunity of attending an interesting and relevant event." 


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