How to Apply

The Safer Communities Fund is currently closed for applications.


How to apply

Important Changes to the Safer Communities Fund

What you need to know

We constantly review the Safer Communities Fund to ensure:

  • The fund is inclusive.
  • That the limited amount of money is spent wisely.
  • That the decision making process is fair and transparent.

With this in mind, please see the below changes with immediate effect and which may affect your application:

  1. Note the requirement at Question 28 on the application for you to declare that the money you are applying for does not replace previous statutory funding.
  2. Organisations may only have one successful project running within a year, the year will be calculated from the date of the awards evening.
  3. The Safer Communities Fund will no longer support refreshment costs.
  4. If successful you will now only be asked to submit one final monitoring/evaluation form, please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.
  5. To increase good governance the independent board who review applications is set to increase in size.

In order to apply for a grant from the Safer Communties Fund you will need to complete an application form. Before starting the application form please read the Guidance Notes and the Terms & Conditions. You will also need to familiarise yourself with the outcomes and priorities from the Police and Crime Plan which can be found on page 1 of the Plan. Hard copies of the application form can be requested by contacting the Safer Communities Fund Team but online applications are preferable.

If you would like to look through the application form before completing the online application please click here to download a word version. 


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NPT Comment

Neighbourhood Policing Teams may be asked to comment on your project, please take the opportunity to engage with your team.  If you would like to know more about your NPT and the important role they have in your local community please visit

The Safer Communities Fund Board provides advice to the PCC on the applications received. The final decision about which applications are successful will rest with the PCC. Please see the terms of reference for further details of the Safer Communities Fund Board.

How To Apply


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