White Ribbon Campaign

White Ribbon CampaignThe White Ribbon Campaign are a group of men who know that there's never an excuse for violence against women. They pledge never to condone it, or to stand by when we know it's happening.

What they do
• Campaigning
• Lobbying
• Organising
• Fundraising

In 1991, a handful of men in Canada decided they had a responsibility to urge men to speak out against violence against women. They decided that wearing a white ribbon would be a symbol of men's opposition to men's violence against women. After only six weeks preparation, as many as one hundred thousand men across Canada wore a white ribbon. Many others were drawn into discussion and debate on the issue of men's violence. There are now White Ribbon Campaigns operating in many countries around the world.

The UK Branch of WRC was started in 2004.

Visit the White Ribbon Campaign's website here http://www.whiteribboncampaign.co.uk/

Follow the White Ribbon Campaign on twitter https://twitter.com/menantiviolence

Find out more about the White Ribbon Campaign in the video below.

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