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Youth Advisory Group

Youth Advisory Group at West Yorkshire Police Base

One of the Police and Crime Commissioners' promises is to treat all young people as citizens, valuing their interests and opinions as much as any other group in the community. 

The Police and Crime Commissioner therefore asked young people to volunteer to work with him on a young persons' advisory group.  The group gives the Police and Crime Commissioner direct contact with young people who are able to express their views and comments which will steer all future decisions, policy and engagement.

Key policing priorities raised by the group

  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
  • Serious and organised crime
  • Violent crime
  • Anti-social behaviour

Key issues raised by the group

  • Child safety - preventing rather than reacting
  • Use of Stop and Search
  • Taking young people seriously
  • Improving relationships

There will be a minimum of 4 meetings a year 

We have been receiving lots of offers to work with the Youth Advisory Group and we are currently looking at ways for the group to engage with as many other young people, groups and organisations as possible.

Find out more about the group on the Why join the Youth Advisory Group? page.

If you would like to join the Youth Advisory Group check out the recruitment page.  


Youth Advisory Group Logo

As part of a wider consultation and inclusion of young people, school students throughout West Yorkshire were asked to design a logo for The Police and Crime Commissioner's Youth Advisory Group. Three entries were chosen by The Police and Crime Commissioner and were merged into the logo below. 

Youth Advisory Group Logo