The Police and Crime Commissioner will publish:

  • the total budget
  • information on each anticipated source of revenue, other than the precept
  • information as to the proposed expenditure of the Commissioner
  • his response to the Police and Crime Panel's report about the proposed precept

All the above information is included in the Commissioner's budget report for 2019/20. The report is below and has been split into relevant sections. 

Record of Decision - Calculation of the Council Tax and Issue of the Precept for 2019/20 (PDF 236KB)

Revenue and Capital Budget 2019/20 (PDF 151KB)

Appendix A - Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Budget (PDF 218KB)

Appendix B - Summary Movement Statement 2018/19 to 2019/20 (PDF 295KB)

Appendix C - Anticipated Impact on Force Strength (PDF 91KB)

Appendix D - West Yorkshire Police Capital Forecast 2018/19 to 2021/22 (PDF 470KB)

Appendix E - Reserves Position January 2019 (PDF 447KB)

Appendix Ei - Reserves Strategy 2019/20 (PDF 54KB)

Appendix F - Medium Term Financial Forecast (PDF 926KB)

Appendix G - Protocols for Earmarked Reserves (PDF 1.95MB)

Appendix H - Budget Survey Results 2019/20 (PDF 379KB)

Appendix I - Police and Crime Commissioner Response to the Police and Crime Panel (PDF 117KB)

Appendix J - Operational Benefits (PDF 1.58MB)

Capital Strategy 2019/20 - 2022/23 (PDF 101KB)

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