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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2012

Information requests and disclosures for 2012.

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Request Date Request Disclosure Where Transferred
21/12/12 For the last 3 financial years, cost of interpreters, telephone interpreting and translation services. No information held West Yorks Police
21/12/12 Total cost to the Authority including subscriptions, training fees, expenses/allowances paid to officers/civilian staff in connection with membership to ACPO and APA respectively for financial years ending 2010, 2011 and 2012. Response (PDF 63kb) -
18/12/12 Vouchers/receipts etc for Police Authority expenses and allowances for the last 3 financial years for Mr Burns-Williamson. File too large to include on website. Available on request to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. -
18/12/12 Details regarding ex DI Peter Oram joining West Yorkshire Police Authority in September 2011 inc. was post advertised, job description, salary. No information held West Yorks Police
17/12/12 Number of burglaries, with dates, in the property Victorian Manor House, St Anns Grange. No information held West Yorks Police
3/12/12 Police officer annual leave policy - how far in advance can an officer agree annual leave? Is leave requested guaranteed? Which officers do not have to work public holidays? No information held West Yorks Police
29/11/12 Findings/reports of Operation Douglas. Expenditure accommodating Sir Norman Bettison at Oulton Hall after his appointment as Chief Constable for West Yorkshire Police. Response (PDF 345kb) -
29/11/12 Number of officers, broken down by age and rank who retired before they were 50, each year since 2004. No information held West Yorks Police
28/11/12 Minutes requested of Police Authority meetings 25/9/12, 4/10/12 and 9/11/12 Response (PDF 185kb) -
28/11/12 Details of police forces use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition inc. number of cameras, amount spent in 2009-12 on installing cameras, policy document. No information held West Yorks Police
21/11/12 Crime data and conviction rates from 2000 to 2012 for murder, rape, GBH, burglary, car thefts, car fraud and muggings. No information held West Yorks Police