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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2013

Information requests and disclosures for 2013.

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Request Date Request Disclosure
27/12/13 Please provide crime statistics for the West Yorkshire region for the past 12 months with each broad offence type broken down to show the amount of offences committed by each nationality/ethnicity? No information held
06/12/13 Total claimed by Greater Manchester Police in costs and expenses up to and including 30 November 2013 in relation to Operation Lamp. Total budgeted in current 2013-2014 financial year for Operation Lamp. Total budgeted in next financial year 2014-2015 for Operation Lamp. Response (PDF 28kb)
03/12/13 How much money was paid in bonuses, allowances and severance payments of any sort to Police Authority staff in each of 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13? What was the maximum bonus, allowance and severance payment made to any sort of Police Authority staff member in each of 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13? Response (PDF 385kb)
29/11/13 Please provide the information held relating to any inquiries carried out by the auditor KPMG in connection with the lawfulness or otherwise of payments provided to former chief constable Norman Bettison. This would include all communications between the PCC's office and KPMG on this issue. Response (PDF 604kb)
28/11/13 The full names and addresses of all the companies who submitted a bid for the tender 'Wakefield: Helicopters, aeroplanes, spacecraft and other powered aircraft - 2013/S 142-247700'? No information held
27/11/13 How many complaints have been made through the Police and Crime Panel, against the Police and Crime Commissioner and Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner since November 2012? No information held
20/11/13 How much the PCC claimed in expenses in the first 12 months of office - November 2012 to October 2013? Could the list please be broken down to include details on how much was claimed on travel, food and accommodation? Could you also provide details on the PCC's mileage allowance? Expenses claimed by the PCC are published on our website. Link to expenses data.
11/11/13 Does the Commissioner have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the prison service or your local prison governor, which defines (i) what 'an assault on a prison officer' is and (ii) the types of incidents suitable for prosecution? Please note, if this document is not known as a memorandum of understanding, please provide details of whatever document you have which defines what an assault on a prison officer is and the incidents deemed suitable for prosecution. If a MOU or other similar document exists, please provide a copy of the actual document by email. No information held
04/11/13 Total number of PNLD employees. Gender/race of same. Total out-turn on employee salary, expenses, national insurance. Total income received from PNLD/Ask the Police activities. How many PNLD employees are based at Ploughland House, Wakefield? How many have legal qualifications? Amount of income/salary/expenses derived by Fraser Sampson, and or Mark Burns-Williamson from PNLD? All transactional details of a triage assessment report prepared by PNLD. Response (PDF 81kb)
02/11/13 How many items have been stolen from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner since it was created? How much as a whole, costwise, do the items stolen roughly amount to? Can you provide a list of the range of items stolen? What was the cheapest item stolen and how much does it cost? What was the most expensive item stolen and how much did it cost? There have been no items stolen from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire since it was created.
25/10/13 Release the names of the officers and their serving station, that are freemasons in the north west Leeds area covering Otley, Ilkley, Guiseley, Yeadon and surrounding areas. No information held
21/10/13 Number of Fixed Penalty Notices issued? How many have been paid? Of those not paid, how many prosecutions have been subsequently launched? Of those, how many were successful? No information held
17/10/13 Provide a copy of the review entitled 'The Crime Scene Revisited - Review of Police and Crime Incident Records 2012, West Yorkshire Police July 2012. No information held
09/10/13 How many reports of violence have been received from the police in clubs, bars and pubs in the last 4 years? How many of these crimes have resulted in death? How many reports of burglaries have there been from the Hyde Park/Headingley area over the past 3 years? No information held
07/10/13 For 2013-14, please provide information about how much of your Community Safety Fund has been allocated to services relating to drug or alcohol use? Are you able to give any indication of what the allocation will be in 2014-15 and what the decision making process for next year's funding will be in your police area? Response (PDF 12kB) Appendix A (PDF 73kb) Appendix B (PDF 4.4Mb)
04/10/13 Provide details of how your OPCC meets each of the 25 transparency requirements specified within appropriate legislation. Response (PDF 74kb)
30/09/13 In relation to the 101 camapign, how is the campaign funded? What is the budget for the campaign/what has been spent? How long do on duty officers spend on handing out items and at what times (is it just at night)? Which areas are targeted? Have the number of phone calls to the 101 number increased since the beginning of the campaign? What is the most common reason people ring 101? What do you do with items that have been salvaged from burglaries/robberies which are not reclaimed? No information held
27/09/13 How much has it cost to run the office of West Yorkshire's PCC since the role began in November 2012? Cost not only of Mark's salary but also his staff and all other costs involved in running office. Has there been a reduction in crime in West Yorkshire overall since November 2012? How much have West Yorkshire Police spent trying to cut crime from November 2012 to 2013? Has this gone down on years before? Perhaps figures for the past 3-5 years can be obtained? How many complaints have there been against West Yorkshire Police since November 2012? Have these gone down on years before? Again, perhaps figures for past 3-5 years can be obtained? Response (PDF 31kb)
23/09/13 Please give a monthly breakdown of the number of burglaries in Leeds overall from the past three years. A monthly breakdown of burglaries in Hyde Park, Headingley, Burley Road and Woodhouse in the last three years. Which months did they occur and for each instance whether they resulted in a conviction. How many people in Hyde Park, Headingley, Burley Road and Woodhouse were victims of robbery with violence in the past three years? No information held
08/09/13 How much has your Force spent on artwork for its police stations and any offices associated with your Force over the last five years? Please specify what the artwork is. Please include any water features and fish tanks. No information held
05/09/13 Provide documents outlining the procedure for processing allegations of crime along with the action which should be taken and by whom. Is there a different set of procedures to follow depending on the identity of the accused person? If so, please provide details of the different sets of procedures. Is the paperwork specific in that the law covers everybody equally? Does the paperwork specify that every accused individual who is still alive must be questionned by police? No information held
05/09/13 Number of police officers and police vehicles that have been attacked by members of the public for the last 10 years. No information held
21/08/13 How much has your office, and the Police Authority before it, paid in general contributions to the Association of Chief Police Officers, subscriptions to Chief Police Officers' Staff Association, ACRO Criminal Office and Police National Information Co-ordination Centre in each of the past three financial years? How much has your office, and the Police Authority before it, received from the National Driver Retraining Scheme in the last three years and have you paid them any money? No information held
02/08/13 How many people were cautioned by West Yorkshire Police or subject to prosecution in the courts relative to offences of hate crime of the homophobic/transphobic type over the last 2 years? No information held
29/07/13 For most recent year available, the road death investigation budget and number of collision investigators. Please confirm if collision investigators are also responsible for investigating life threatening/changing injuries? Homicide budget and number of homicide detectives? No information held
29/07/13 A list of trade unions which received payments from your organisation and the total amounts paid to each union for 2011/12 and 2012/13? Which trade unions your organisation provide staff time to work on trade union duties and/or activities? Does your organisation provide the facility to deduct trade union subscriptions from staff salaries in the payroll process? No information held
23/07/13 How many Police Authority staff have been made redundant or taken voluntary exit since November 2012 and what is the total amount given to them in voluntary exit payments? What is single highest payment made to a former Police Authority employee? How many signed confidentiality clauses as part of their departure? How many have been re-employed by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner? Response (PDF 42kb)
19/07/13 Please inform me of the whereabouts of the computer, mobile phone, loud-hailer and other items illegally seized on 26 October 2011? When may I expect the return of this very valuable equipment? No information held
15/07/13 List of all credit card payments made by councillors since the beginning of 2012. What forms of surveillance are used by the council, excluding CCTV? Request withdrawn 15/7/13
04/07/13 List of all expenses claimed by the Police and Crime Commissioner or staff working for them since they were voted into position. List of all credit card transactions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner or staff. Has any accommodation been provided for the Police and Crime Commissioner? If so, is it permanent/temporary and how much does it cost to maintain? List of all people that have received payments from the Police and Crime Commissioner's Office. Response (PDF 358kb)
2/07/13 How much money is specifically allocated to the prevention of gangs and youth violence? Are any voluntary sector organisations being utilised to provide these services? If so, provide a list of organisations and funding. Questions relating to claims made under the Riot Damages Act 1886. No information held
26/06/13 Total number of arrests made in constabulary since 2009 under categories relating to sexual offences. No information held
17/06/13 Number of cautions and convictions in West Yorkshire between May 2010 and May 2013. No information held
17/06/13 List of fleet vehicles owned or leased by the force which are available to senior staff/officers for personal and work use. No information held
12/06/13 Approved minutes for the Regional Collaboration Board and Agenda/Papers for the Extraordinary meeting of the Regional Collaboration Board of 12 June 2013. Minutes (PDF 88kb) Agenda (PDF 33kb)
10/06/13 A detailed breakdown of the expenses of the Commissioner. Link to relevant page of website
07/06/13 Up-to-date version of your estates/facilities/capital projects organisational structures. No information held
03/06/13 Specific details of all payments made to chief police officers that were outside the national Police Negotiating Board agreements, for the last 5 years. Response (PDF 47kb)  Appendix (PDF 95kb)
23/05/13 How many schools have had computer software stolen, and questions relating to biometric data on schools databases? No information held
22/05/13 How many investigations have been conducted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission or other forces into the conduct of chief police officers, or police staff equivalent, in the last 12 months and what was the nature of the allegations? Response (PDF 26kb)
13/05/13 Various questions about West Yorkshire Police Authority meetings and question time in relation to Injured on Duty pensions. Dates of Police Authority meetings when the issue of reducing injured on duty pension entitlements was discussed, plus a copy of minutes of such meetings. Response (PDF 36kb)
29/04/13 Details of all gifts/hospitality accepted and declined by the Police and Crime Commissioner since November 2012. Response (PDF 19kb)
23/04/13 How many public sex or cruising sites you are aware of in your policing area and where exactly they are. No information held
09/04/13 List of all staff appointments made by the Police and Crime Commissioner and specific information on each post. Response (PDF 20kb)  Appendix(PDF 151kb)
03/04/13 Various questions relating to staff of the Police Authority and staff of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and related costs. Response (PDF 35kb)  Appendix(PDF 13kb)
26/03/13 What is the cost of running the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and where does the money come from? How much have I saved on my rates bill since the Police and Crime Commissioner was appointed? Next public consultation date and contact telephone number. Response (PDF 12kb)
26/03/13 How many ethnic minority officers work in your Professional Standards Department? No information held
20/03/13 Summary of the Independent Police Complaints Commission review of Operation Douglas which was presented to Members of the Police Authority's Audit and Risk Committee on 2 November 2012 and a disciplinary review commissiones by a Chief Constable (Operation Douglas) - re-issued on appeal. Response (PDF 1.7Mb)
18/03/13 Are senior officers of West Yorkshire Police provided with a vehicle for their own use, both personal and business related? If so, how much is the annual cost? How many officers within West Yorkshire Police could now be pensioned off, but have remained in post? Response (PDF 9kb)
11/03/13 The insurers for Chief Constable Norman Bettison to his resignation date. Copies of such insurance policy or policies relied on by the Police and Crime Commissioner/Police? No information held
04/03/13 List of Mark Burns-Williamson's employees (those who work in his office and those who directly assist him in the role of crime commissioner), including their salary and job title. Response (PDF 21kb)
04/03/13 How many people have been employed since the crime commissioner was elected in 2012? What are their roles and current salary? Response (PDF 11kb)
28/02/13 Whether Sir Norman Bettison was provided with a work mobile phone when he was the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police? No information held
19/02/13 Name of the witness to the oath signed by the Commissioner? Summary of Freedom of Information disclosure log. Closing date for receipt of February surveys. Various questions relating to survey, budget, fraud, corruption and the deputy police and crime commissioner. Response (PDF 17kb)
Appendix A(PDF 4.84Mb)
Appendix B(PDF 410kb)
11/02/13 How many members of the private sector are employed within your force and what the monetary value of this is? No information held
08/02/13 What are you doing to eliminate corruption in the local police force? Various questions relating to police officers working as private investigators. Response (PDF 86kb)
08/02/13 All papers relating to the West Yorkshire Police Authority's Audit and Risk Committee held 2 November 2012. In particular Item 14 - Operation Waldhorn. Response (PDF 924kb)
06/02/13 Various questions in relation to the public perception survey. Also duties of the Police and Crime Commissioner and other related information. Response (PDF 16bytes)
28/01/13 A summary of the Independent Police Complaints Commission review of Operation Douglas (known as Operation Waldhorn) which was presented to members of the Police Authority's Audit and Risk Committee on 2 November 2012. A disciplinary review commissioned by a Chief Constable (Operation Douglas). Response (PDF 1.67Mb)
24/01/13 Has Mr Burns-Williamson appointed a deputy? If so, what is his/her salary? If not, does he plan to appoint a deputy and much does he intend the salary to be? Response (PDF 36kb)
07/01/13 The location/address of the Commissioner's new premises and date of anticipated move. When will the Commissioner's first open engagement with the public of West Yorkshire take place e.g. all constituents public meeting, office surgery, street surgery? Response (PDF 55kb)
03/01/13 Number of enquiries by post, telephone, e-mail or in person received by former Police Authority for force area from members of the public between 1 December 2011 and 31 January 2012. Response (PDF 77kb)
02/01/13 Request internal review of Freedom of Information request 'Harrassment Policy Review' No information held