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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2016

Information requests and disclosures for 2016.

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Request Date Request Disclosure
20/12/16 I would like the statistics of female domestic violence victims in Leeds. Response (PDF 20KB)
20/12/16 I would like to know the statistics for serious drugs offences in Bradford. Response (PDF 20KB)
05/12/16 I would like to know the attendances of Leeds United home fixtures for the season 2016/17 as counted by the police, rather than by the club. I would also like to know the amount of money spent on policing on match days. Response (PDF 19KB)
01/12/16 I would like to also request a copy of Lancashire Police's final report into Mark Gilmore and details of any emails between the WYOPCC and Lancashire Police in relation to this matter. I understand you have already received an FOI request to this effect from another party. Response (PDF 45KB)
23/11/16 1. When was a temporary licence issued to the trustees of PNLD CIO? 2. When does the temporary licence end? 3. Please can you disclose the full details of the licensing agreement (please release the documentation which I assume was signed by all parties to confirm this) 4. As previously stated, the PCC owns the intellectual property rights to PNLD CIO. Did the license agreement state PNLD CIO were to be granted intellectual property rights as part of the license? 5. At any point during the last five years (from today's date), has the intellectual property for PNLD ever been owned by any other person than the PCC? 6. Why were staff seconded to PNLD CIO in the first instance? 7. Why were the members of staff who were on secondment transferred back from PNLD CIO on 15th November 2016? i.e. disciplinary purposes? 8. Have PNLD CIO at any time breached the license agreement between them and the PCC? If so, please provide details 9. Why do you not hold information on PNLD CIO litigation proceedings from 1st September 2015 onwards? 10. At any point, have PNLD CIO had any legal right or authority to instigate litigation proceedings for PNLD copyright infringement? Response part 1 (PDF 29KB)

Response part 2 (PDF 20KB)
16/11/16 Under the provisions set out in the Freedom of Information Act (2000) and Environmental Information Regulations I would like to request a copy of the independent report that investigated former West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Mark Gilmore. Response (PDF 124KB)
02/11/16 We are currently working on a research project related to the Community Remedy (Part 6 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act, 2014) and would like to submit the following freedom of information request in three parts. We are conscious of issues around the costs to your organisation of gathering and supplying information to researchers, and so we would appreciate it if you could still provide us with information in relation to Q1 as a priority, and latterly then with information in relation to Q2 and Q3, costs permitting: Q1. What work is the Office for the PCC undertaking to monitor the implementation and uptake of the Community Remedy? Q2. Are there currently any plans to revise your Community Remedy document? Q3. How have you publicised the Community Remedy to the general public? Response (PDF 40KB)
26/10/16 1. Who owns the intellectual property for Police National Legal Database (PNLD) in terms of the content within their product (E. G. Legislation & other information on criminal law). Is it owned by West Yorkshire Police, PCC or PNLD themselves? Your website states, "PNLD is owned by and under control of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire". If PNLD is owned and controlled by him, which individual or organisation owns the intellectual property rights? PNLD CIO? West Yorkshire Police? 2. In the last 4 years (from today's date) how many times have the Police National Legal Database (PNLD) instigated litigation proceedings against individuals or business? 3. In the last 4 years (from today's date) how many individuals /businesses have PNLD instigated litigation proceedings in relation to alleged copyright infringement? 4. Please can you name the individuals and/or businesses whom PNLD have sought litigation against in the last 4 years (from today's date). 5. How many underwritings have PNLD instructed their solicitors to send out to parties they have sought litigation against? 6. Were there any figures stipulated in the underwritings? I.e. damages for £1500. If so, were any of those damages paid? 7. How much in legal costs has this legal action accrued (please provide a full breakdown). 8. In the last 4 years (from today's date) how many other times have PNLD instigated litigation proceedings? 9. How many of these incidents involving litigation were with the prior permission of the Police Crime Commissioner at the time? 10. PNLD paid for an ITN marketing video at the Police Federation Conference in 2016. Please can your provide a full breakdown of what this cost. 11. Please can you provide a full breakdown of staff members who carry out work for PNLD? 12. How many police officers are there who carry out work on PNLD? 13. How many of those police officers are employed by West Yorkshire Police? 14. How many police staff members who are employed by West Yorkshire Police work on PNLD? 15. Please can you provide a full breakdown of salaries of each member of staff working on PNLD? 16. Please can you provide a breakdown of how PNLD have raised funds in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016? 17. I note PNLD became a registered charity in 2015. Please can you provide details of any funding granted to PNLD since becoming a registered charity? I would like to know how much money they have received as a registered charity and what funding pots / organisations this funding came from. Response (PDF 116KB)
18/10/16 IPCC correspondence since 2014. Response part 1 (PDF 69KB)

Response part 2 (PDF 151KB)
18/10/16 Please could you tell me the latest statistics of sexual crime, also the statistics for the sexual crime accused (Accused but not being charged). Response (PDF 19KB)
13/10/16 I am writing to make an open government request for all the information to which I am entitled under the 1994 Code of Practice on Access to Government Information. In order to assist you with this request, I am outlining my query as specifically as possible. As you will understand, this may not be a definitive list of relevant information. I request information about the Police Cuts to budgets annually over a 5 year period for both 'Normanton and Castleford' and 'Bradford Metropolitan District' using the same method of calculation! Would you please also include population served and areas covered in each of these districts? I would be interested in any information regarding my request. I understand that I do not have to specify particular files or documents and that it is the department's responsibility to provide the information I require. Further request (18.10.16) My freedom of information request was not for police budget cuts ,but the cuts in police MANPOWER ,for Bradford met in the last 5 years .And the cuts in police MANPOWER for Normanton and Castleford in the last 5 years. I understand that under the act, I should be entitled to a response within 20 working days. I would be grateful if you could confirm in writing that you have received this request. I look forward to hearing from you in the near very future. Response part 1 (PDF 32KB)

Response part 2 (PDF 102KB)
03/10/16 Please can you provide a list of cases involving sexual assaults where the officers investigating are now under IPCC investigation? Please can you give the name of the officer and as much detail about the case as possible. Please can I have this information from January 2014-September 2015? Response (PDF 19KB)
21/09/16 1. A copy of the Operation Barium investigation report.
2. Copies of emails between Lancashire Police and WYOPCC where the subject was either:
(a) Mark Gilmore
(b) Operation Barium
Response (PDF 45KB)
15/09/16 Provide the recorded information held by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire and or West Yorkshire Police regarding this matter including the consultation with the Chair and Deputy Chair by West Yorkshire. Response (PDF 44KB)
07/09/16 Information relating to any personal relationship with Norman Bettison and attending various rugby league grounds and overseas visit with Mr. Bettison Response part 1 (PDF 36KB)

Response part 2 (PDF 50KB) 
07/09/16 Information relating to PCC road fund tax or insurance for the PCC car. Response (PDF 34KB)

Appeal response (PDF 18KB)
24/08/16 Under the FOI I would like to request the number of interpreters used:
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Out of which how many interpreters were required for:
Male Victims of DV/HBV in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Female Victims of DV/HBV 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
When interviews translated how many interpreters were of the opposite sex to the victim DV/HBV in? 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
How many complaints were made regarding the interpreters for female victims of DV/HBV and how many were upheld? 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
How many complaints were made regarding the interpreters for male victims of DV/HBV and how many were upheld? 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016  
Response (PDF 19KB)
11/08/16 I am seeking disclosure of all emails, letters, meeting notes, briefing notes, reports where Mr Burns-Williamson, Mr Sampson, or his delegated representative, has either corresponded, or met, with officers from the IPCC.

Please disclose these separately for the financial years 2016/17 to date; 2015/16; 2014/15.

It is accepted that the documents disclosed will be redacted to protect personal information but care should be taken to only exclude information in accordance with FOIA S40 (2).
Response (PDF 33KB)
No Freedom of Information Act requests were received in July 2016
No Freedom of Information Act requests were received in June 2016
30/05/16 1. Request for information in connection with crimes reported regarding the agricultural development North of, Marsh Delves Lane, Southowram, Description, crime numbers, etc.  Response (PDF 92KB)
05/05/16 1. What is the cost of the 4 yearly PCC Election Process - Locally, Regionally and Nationally? Where can this information be found?

2. What was the 2015/16 FULL COST of The West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioners Office (including salaries, car(s) & transport, any/all other expenses, pensions and ALL other PCC elements)?

3. What is the planned FULL COST for 2016/17 of The West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioners Office (including salaries, car(s) & transport, any/all other expenses, pensions and ALL other PCC elements)?

4. IF reported within The WYP Budget where can these PCC Costs be seen?

5. Are these distinct PCC Costs 'Reported/Published' separately anywhere? - IF so where please?
Response (PDF 107KB)
27/04/16 1. Can you tell me the terms of reference for the Lancashire Police investigation into chief constable Mark Gilmore in relation to police standards of professional behaviour and a date when the investigation will be concluded?

2. Can you tell me how many officers have been 'acting up' since the suspension of chief constable Mark Gilmore in June 2014 and how much extra they have each been paid in wages for doing so?
Response (PDF 149KB)
17/03/16 1. How much revenue has been received by your organisation for services rendered to film and television productions? This could include location rental, permits and all other services related to film productions using your personnel or resources.

2. Please outline the type of work or service rendered, in each case and disclose the revenue received for each type of service.

3. How much has your organisation spent on facilitating such arrangements between 2006 to 2015, inclusive, broken down by year?
Response part 1 (PDF 335KB)

Response part 2 (PDF 174KB) 
15/03/16 I see from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) website that you have purchased the ex Dyfed-Powys Police helicopter, registration G-DPPF Please could you consider this a request under the Freedom of Information Act and provide me with the following information:

1. The vendor.

2. The purchase price.

3. The base from which the aircraft will be operating from.
Response part 1 (PDF 133KB)

Response part 2 (PDF 245KB)

Response part 3 (PDF 187KB)

Response part 4 (PDF 146KB)
07/03/16 1. In the financial years 2013-2014, 2014-15 and 2015 - present, how many grants were awarded in which at least one of the outputs/outcomes was to provide services to victims of stalking? This could be any service to help victims e.g. counselling, information and advice, casework however the outcome must have specifically referred to working with victims of stalking.

1a. How many of these grants were towards work which was open to victims of stalking who were not being targeted by an ex-partner?

2. What was the total monetary value of these grants?

3. Which organisations were they awarded
Response (PDF 172KB)
25/02/16 What estimate has been made of any real-terms reductions in the income received by the force from the Home Office in the following years - (a) 2016/17 (b) 2017/18 (c) 2018/19 (d) 2019/20. Please include in your response any documents setting out forward financial projections (redacted or in full). What estimate has been made of any real-terms reductions in spending by the force in the following years - (a) 2015/16 (b) 2016/17 (c) 2017/18 (d) 2018/19 (e) 2019/20. What projections have been made of the impact on the force of any proposed reductions in the police grant formula allocation and can you outline any planned workforce reductions. What estimate has been made of the cost to the force of (a) the apprenticeship levy and (b) the single tier pension? Has the force spent any money obtaining ACORN 5 data from CACI limited since 14 July 2015? If so, how much? What has been the total cost to the force to date of engaging in the Home Office consultation on reform of the police funding formula? Response (PDF 185KB)
18/02/16 I would like to request the appointment diary of the Police & Crime Commissioner from 1st July 2015 to 31st December 2015. Response (PDF 322KB)
11/02/16 The total funding granted to The Police Federation/serving officers covered by the Federation by the PCC in financial years 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15. Response part 1 (PDF 94KB)

Response part 2 (PDF 149KB) 
11/02/16 1) How many people have been taken to hospital by police cars in the force area in the last year?

2) What is the total time spent by police officers and PCSOs in A&E in the last year?

3) How many people with known mental health problems have been detained in custody overnight in the last year?

4) How many hours of police time were used on matters relating to the floods of December 2015 and January 2016?
No information held by the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner.
No Freedom of Information Act requests were received in January 2016